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The Cisco Webex moderated unmute feature explained

May 19, 2021

The Cisco Webex moderated unmute feature explained
Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center Sr. Engineer Matthew White explains how the moderated unmute feature works in Webex. He also shows how to enable this feature from both the admin and host perspectives.
The moderated unmute feature allows a Webex admin or other authorized user to mute and unmute other Webex participants on their behalf. If you’re hosting a remote learning session or collaborating with colleagues, for example, and someone is typing loudly or there’s other loud background noises (e.g., barking dog, crying baby) interrupting the meeting, the host can mute the distracting person’s mic on their behalf.
White gives step-by-step instructions for admins to activate the moderated unmute function in Cisco Webex Control Hub and shows how hosts can use this feature.


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