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Applying the Cisco CX methodology to Webex: a step-by-step guide

January 28, 2021

Applying the Cisco CX methodology to Webex: a step-by-step guide
Since early last year, the adoption of collaboration solutions like Cisco Webex has skyrocketed as employees began working remotely en masse. According to a report from MarketsandMarkets Research, the global enterprise collaboration market size is projected to be worth more than $48 billion by 2024, reflecting a 9.2% CAGR over the five-year forecast period.
However, as you’re well aware, customers have lots of choices when it comes to collaboration. Just because they start out using Webex doesn’t mean they’ll continue using it long term—unless they experience enough value.
The fact is, Webex has more than enough value to meet any customer’s needs.
Here’s a summary of recent updates Cisco made to Webex:
  1. A single all-new Webex app. Webex Teams is now simply Webex. Customers get calling, messaging and meeting in one unified app, plus several new features such as:

    • Real-time AI-powered translations across 10+ languages 
    • Immersive Share, which lets you use a presentation, video or application as a dynamic background with your video overlayed
    • Customized views via advanced video layouts: stage, stacked, side by side and slider controls
    • Reach large audiences with interactive events, scaling up to 25,000 attendees and livestreaming to 100,000 attendees
  1. New cloud-native Webex Contact Center. Webex Contact Center is cloud native and delivers:

    • Contextual customer experience management
    • Intelligence with real-time chat bots, transcripts and live agent assistance
    • Easy customization—low code/no code and API extensibility
    • New agent experience and enhanced omnichannel capabilities, including the future integration of Cisco’s pending acquisition of IMImobile PLC
  1. More innovations

    • A new and expanded portfolio of desktop devices—all manageable from Control Hub—will be unveiled this fiscal year, designed for optimizing remote work and return-to-the-office experiences
    • Control Hub now offers more powerful insights for both administrators and partners
    • A new Webex App Hub with prebuilt integrations is now available to a growing number of third-party applications like Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook
    • User insights powered by Webex Graph help leaders visualize group connections across Webex
    • New audience engagement capabilities will be available through the Slido acquisition
Optimize your Webex sales success with the Cisco CX lifecycle approach
With CXOs around the globe prioritizing secure hybrid work and safe returns to the office, now is the time to talk with your customers about Cisco collaboration. Cisco and Ingram Micro created a handy tool to help our partners sell Webex more effectively. The guide incorporates the Cisco customer experience (CX) lifecycle, highlighting the critical steps and best practices to help partners succeed in the as-a-service sales model. As you’ll see in our step-by-step guide, the CX lifecycle model resembles a racetrack with 15 “pit stops” along the way.
By adopting this sales methodology, you’ll not only put your company in a position to close more Webex deals, but you’ll also help improve your customer retention and upsell opportunities.
Check out our step-by-step guide to selling Cisco Webex solutions and services using the Cisco CX methodology.
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