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The 4 initials that spell increased recurring revenue: CCW-R

February 06, 2018

The 4 initials that spell increased recurring revenue: CCW-R

 CCW-R is a critical element of Cisco's Unified Commerce Experience (UCE) strategy to provide one Cisco Commerce platform with a consistent user experience for all Cisco transactions by adding service renewals and software subscriptions to the platform where partners currently order products and solutions. It will transform the renewals process for SaaS, on premises, term and content subscriptions, services, and Cisco ONE (C1) by streamlining and simplifying the user experience.

4 key benefits of CCW-R (once fully implemented)

Cisco has been enabling partners on CCW-R in phases based on the capabilities they need. It plans to have 100% adoption of CCW-Renewals February 2018 and Cisco will discontinue taking orders on CSCC (Cisco Service Contact Center). Partners who’ve already made the switchover report the following benefits: 

  1. Improved self-sufficiency. CCW-R allows partners to transact all Cisco product, service and software orders and renewals on one platform with fewer validation and support cases.
  2. Revenue and savings. CCW-R improves scalability to new monetization models and enhances partners' abilities to focus on selling rather than resolving quoting errors.
  3. Increased productivity. CCW-R enhances the current CCW platform, allowing real-time validations and fewer clicks to create quotes. One pilot partner, based in Germany, reported a time savings of 30% to 40%. And a U.S.-based partner had this to say: “We created and validated a medium-to-large size quote in about 10 minutes in CCW-R. The same quote took 8 to 10 hours of work through various iterations over 1 to 2 weeks using CSCC [i.e., the previous system].”
  4. Enhanced user experience. CCW-R streamlines the renewals process with a faster, improved workflow, upfront error management and no offline processing.

3 short videos to help partners add services and create and edit CCW-R quotes more easily

To help Cisco partners make the transition from CSCC to CCW-R, the Ingram Micro Cisco team developed three short videos to illustrate key steps in looking up additional services,creating quotes and editing quotes. In the first two videos, partners will learn where to access the CCW-R portal, how to find complementary Cisco services and create a quote, including naming conventions, creating an invoice SKU, finalizing and exporting the quote. The third video walks partners through the quote editing process, including locating existing quotes, modifying service levels, changing target contracts, site ID, start and end dates, changing multiple quotes at once and more. For additional information about CCW-R, Cisco partners can visit www.cisco.com/go/commerceworkspace.