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Solutions in a Box was created with your education customers’ needs in mind

December 10, 2020

Solutions in a Box was created with your education customers’ needs in mind
As schools across the country moved to virtual learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic (56 million students are attending school online in the US), they face the new challenges of adjusting to remote learning. At the same time, educational institutions need to remain in compliance with laws such as FERPA, COPPA and CIPA, while ensuring all students have access to technology and offering new learning models to keep students engaged.
Technology plays a vital role in helping schools address the above challenges—collaboration platforms, security and online authentication tools and cloud-based homework assignments, just to name a few. As an IT solution provider, you may also feel overwhelmed by these decisions.
Fortunately, Ingram Micro Cisco partners don’t need to shoulder this burden alone.
Introducing Solutions in a Box
Cisco and Ingram Micro, in conjunction with the Business Transformation Center (BTC), put together Solutions in a Box to help guide partners as they position education solutions to deliver on the business outcomes customers need. These offerings are multivendor and address specific needs, whether it’s a remote learning solution for K-12 students or helping universities with student retention challenges as students look for options closer to home.
The BTC is outfitted with the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies. Not only are these technologies tested and vetted by our team of experts who each have multiple vendor certifications, but our team is also at your service.
Besides being available for demos of dozens of IT solutions, the BTC team also understands the needs of your K–12 and higher-ed customers inside and out, and they have a Solution in a Box recommendation for your client’s specific needs. For example, they can tell you why a particular Lenovo laptop (available with or without a touchscreen) paired with a Microsoft Office 365 Education license (A1 or A3), Cisco wireless headset, Cisco Umbrella, DUO and AMP for Endpoint licenses are an excellent teacher solution you can recommend to your clients.
Our team also recently created a playbook specifically for the K–12 and higher-ed market to make it easier for our partners to align specific business needs with the appropriate solution.
Accelerate your go-to-market abilities
It’s more critical in today’s market than ever to provide customers with a comprehensive solution approach. The Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center showcases a wide array of technology designed to expand and accelerate your go-to-market abilities. This approach delivers effective and profitable solutions that address every client’s business needs.
In addition to the BTC, our multivendor Solutions in a Box offerings will help you stay abreast of the latest solutions, scale your business and become indispensable to your K–12 and higher-ed customers.
Contact the Cisco technology consultants team in your region for more information:
•  West: john.mcnelly@ingrammicro.com
•  Central: kevin.switzer@ingrammicro.com
•  Great Lakes: robert.young@ingrammicro.com
•  Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: carol.wright@ingrammicro.com
•  Southeast: christopher.heinrich@ingrammicro.com