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Simplify your retail customers’ technology needs with Ingram Micro’s Solution-in-a-Box offering

August 11, 2021

Simplify your retail customers’ technology needs with Ingram Micro’s Solution-in-a-Box offering
The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation. Across the country, shopping malls are being reimagined from multilevel boxes anchored by department stores to more enticing, smaller environments in sync with consumers’ needs. Retailers of all types are trying to remove the friction from the buying—and returns—process, too. According to a report from Allied Market Research, the global reverse logistics market is projected to reach $603.9 billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2018 to 2025.
The global pandemic has only accelerated retailers’ digitization adoption, including touch-free technologies like virtual fitting rooms and contactless payments, social commerce initiatives, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) offerings, self-checkout terminals and kiosks, unified communications (UC) technology investments and more.  
Solve your retail customers’ biggest challenges
As retailers adapt to the new normal, they’re faced with many technology choices and questions they need your help addressing. As an IT solution provider, you may also be feeling overwhelmed by these questions and decisions.
For example, if you’re asked to recommend a UC solution, it must meet their communication needs as well as their budget constraints. Additionally, merchants need technology that enables clear audio and visual communication that’s easy to use while adhering to security best practices.

A Solution in a Box explained
As an Ingram Micro partner, you have access to our team of certified sales and technology experts who are going to market for Cisco utilizing a vertical market approach. Our offering includes a $10 million Business Transformation Center (BTC) outfitted with the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies, including retail-specific solutions.
Besides being available for demos of dozens of IT solutions, the Ingram Micro team also understands the needs of your retail customers inside and out, and they have a “Solution in a Box” recommendation for your client’s specific needs. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a solution for your customer’s front-line workers. We can recommend several foundational products for these workers, such as:
  • Cisco PSTN—Consolidate multi-party PSTN contracts to just one.
  • Webex Calling—Lower the amount of equipment to be deployed while enabling features like auto attendant, hunt groups, voicemail, inbound fax-to-email and overhead paging integration.
  • Meraki Wireless—Secure wireless networks at all store locations.
  • Umbrella—Cloud-based DNS security for wireless devices and other endpoints.
  • Meraki EMM—Protect mobile devices from theft and loss.
Ingram Micro’s sales consultants can also recommend the best Bluetooth noise-canceling headsets, so store associates can take calls and serve customers without distracting background noise. Plus, Webex Wi-Fi phones enable store associates to use the store’s wireless LAN to communicate with customers and coworkers. And don’t forget the compatible case with clip to keep the phones safe and secure.
Our team also recently created a playbook specifically for the retail market to make it easier for our partners to match a particular business need with the appropriate Solution in a Box.
Accelerate your go-to-market abilities
It’s more critical in today’s market than ever to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. The Ingram Micro BTC showcases a wide array of technology designed to expand and accelerate your go-to-market abilities. This approach delivers effective and profitable solutions that address every client’s business needs.
In addition to the BTC, our multivendor Solution-in-a-Box offerings will help you stay abreast of the latest solutions, scale your business and become indispensable to your retail customers.
Contact the Cisco technology consultants team in your region for more information:
•  West: john.mcnelly@ingrammicro.com
•  Central: kevin.switzer@ingrammicro.com
•  Great Lakes: robert.young@ingrammicro.com
•  Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: carol.wright@ingrammicro.com
•  Southeast: christopher.heinrich@ingrammicro.com