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Prepare your customers’ networks for the future with Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces provides location analytics, business insights, customer engagement toolkits and more

January 13, 2020

Prepare your customers’ networks for the future with Cisco DNA Spaces
Nearly everyone of your customers has Wi-Fi in their offices. But what are those access points (APs) doing other than connecting them to the internet? APs have the potential to do so much more. By adding Cisco DNA Spaces, a wireless AP can be used to collect analytics on how people and things move around their facilities.
For example, using location data from Cisco wireless APs, person-awareness technology from Cisco Webex video conference systems in conference rooms, plus maps from MazeMap, Cisco DNA Spaces can tell you where the nearest unoccupied conference room is to you right now.
In the education vertical, student attendance is a vital metric used to determine how many grants the school can get. Collecting accurate attendance figures in a classroom, lecture hall, sporting venue or lab can be a daunting task. Cisco DNA Spaces is working with Involvio, a company that makes apps and services for the student experience, to use location data to track the use of campus facilities in real-time, based on the presence of students signed into the program.

Presently, Cisco DNA Spaces is being used at more than 40,000 locations across 2 billion square feet. Users report the following benefits from the platform:

  1. Simple to use. Location products and apps are accessible from a single intuitive dashboard.
  2. Scalable. The platform provides robust fifth-generation cloud engine delivering cleansed location data.
  3. Standardized. Cisco DNA Spaces is compatible and interoperable across all Cisco architectures.
  4. Reliable. The platform comes with 24/7 monitoring and service-level agreements (SLAs) for end-to-end reliability.
  5. Insightful. Users get industry-specific metrics about the behavior of people at their premises, including locations of devices based on MAC or IP addresses, and the ability to access historical data and APIs.
  6. Actionable. Using digitization toolkits, Cisco DNA Spaces allows business users to seamlessly onboard visitors at their properties and deliver zero-click targeted engagements. For instance, the system can be configured to trigger contextual engagements across SMS, email and other channels, based on visitor behaviors. Users can also use the platform to identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, segment visitors based on their behaviors, optimize operations and response times, and integrate with enterprise systems.
The perfect complement to DNA Spaces: Catalyst 9100 Series APs and controllers
The power of your customers’ networks lies in their infrastructure. When you build a strong infrastructure foundation with the right products, you’ll be prepared to innovate and adapt to new capabilities. Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series APs are the perfect complement to Cisco DNA Spaces. Not only can these access points meet your customers’ increasing data traffic demands, but they also support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), an exciting new step for wireless, enabling live streaming 4K and 8K video, as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences.
With powerful, customizable solutions for companies of all sizes and verticals, the Cisco wireless portfolio helps partners manage the growing number of connected wireless devices. From IoT to a growing inventory of applications, the Cisco wireless network provides an always-on, always-available solution.
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