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Overcome IT budget objections with Cisco Refresh

May 16, 2017

Overcome IT budget objections with Cisco Refresh

To address channel partners’ (and end users’) concerns, Cisco developed Cisco Refresh, a program that includes a total inventory of nearly 4,000 offerings from all technology areas, including switching, routing, wireless, IP telephony, security and other advanced technologies.

Products available through Cisco Refresh are remanufactured and certified, which are two key differentiators from other used products. Cisco Refresh products include all critical engineering upgrades and standard accessories, they come with the same warranties and support service as new products, and they’re eligible for leasing and financing offers available through Cisco Capital.

Additionally, partners can include value-added services with Cisco Refresh products, providing a complete solution to best address customers’ needs. Cisco Refresh products are ideal as standalone solutions when specific parts and quantities are needed; however, their value is even greater when blended in a solution with new Cisco equipment.

As an authorized premier Cisco distributor, Ingram Micro maintains a large inventory of older and end-of-sales Cisco models needed to maintain installed network configurations or to optimize IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades. Customers with corporate “green” requirements may prefer purchasing remanufactured equipment, which extends the lifecycle of the equipment and helps keep electronic equipment out of landfills.

Ingram Micro partners who opt for Cisco Refresh hardware also receive access to 1 Click Tool (1CT), which makes it easy to blend a customer’s bill of materials and identify the right discount to close the deal. The tool also introduces “Watch List,” a new feature that allows partners to track part numbers and automatically be notified when these parts become available.

Drive Cisco Refresh sales higher with Cisco RFIP

For Cisco partners certified at the Select, Premier, Silver or Gold levels, Cisco offers its ReFresh Incentive Program (RFIP), which was designed to provide an opportunity for incremental revenue and margins for Cisco partners. Partners who maintain their certification status during the entire period of participation in the program and meet minimum net bookings requirements of $100K on a quarterly basis (U.S. net of credits, de-bookings, discounts, rebates and returns) per rebate period are eligible to receive a 3% rebate on all purchased Cisco Refresh SKUs.

Enrollment in the program is open at any time as long as it remains active, which is at Cisco’s sole discretion. Partners who meet the program participation prerequisite requirements may visit the Partner Program Enrollment tool at www. cisco.com/go/ppe . Under Eligible Programs, choose the Profitability & Practices tab. Next, choose Cisco Refresh as the program. Confirm your contact details on the “Who Is Involved” tab. Review the program terms and conditions and click to accept them. Review and submit the final application. After completing and electronically signing the Cisco Refresh application form, the program administrator will evaluate your application and notify your Cisco account manager via email of your program participation status.