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Meraki Mondays episode 4: how to navigate the MSP Portal

June 01, 2021

Meraki Mondays episode 4: how to navigate the MSP Portal
In this episode of the Meraki Mondays show, Dan Stewart, Business Transformation Center (BTC) engineer, and Chris Meindl, technical account manager, Ingram Micro, take a deep dive into the Meraki MSP Portal.
The first part of the demo explains the steps a new partner would take to expand from one customer to multiple customers, including:


  • Logging out of the portal
  • Creating a new Meraki dashboard account
  • Selecting the network type
  • Configuring the network (e.g., default, bind to template or clone from existing network)
  • Adding new devices
The episode also shows partners how to change the default “help” settings in the portal so admins will contact the partner for helpdesk support rather than contacting Cisco. The configurations can be customized per organization as well as per category. For instance, the “Help” tab can be turned off for “All admins” or just for “Specific admins.”


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