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Meraki Mondays episode 2: highlights from Cisco Live 2021

May 06, 2021

Meraki Mondays episode 2: highlights from Cisco Live 2021
Dan Stewart, Business Transformation Center (BTC) engineer, and Bobby Young, technology consultant, Ingram Micro, host “Meraki Mondays,” a weekly event that airs every Monday through the end of Cisco’s 2021 fiscal (end of July).  
In this episode, the hosts focus on the recently announced Cisco Meraki Vaccine Distribution Solution, which is being used to equip healthcare providers with tools to facilitate COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
The solution comprises a suite of smart technology including temperature and humidity sensors, door open/close sensors, sensor cameras, wireless access points and other networking devices, and addresses 3 critical challenges:


  • Physical security for vaccine storage where logs are created to know who had access to the vaccines, as well as ensuring the physical integrity of the vaccines through temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Capability to set up mobile and remote vaccine distribution sites through mobile-enabled ready-to-go solution for curbside, drive-through or in-field vaccine deliveries.
  • Management of traffic flow and safety to enable real-time face-mask detection, provide 24/7 indoor/outdoor video surveillance, assist with risk mitigation and deliver immediate alerting.


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