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Meraki Cloud Dashboard Navigation 101

November 12, 2021

Meraki Cloud Dashboard Navigation 101
Dan Stewart, business transformation engineer; Bobby Young, technology consultant; and Kevin Wills, solution sales specialist, Ingram Micro, demonstrate the Meraki Cloud Dashboard, a browser-based tool used to monitor and configure Meraki devices and services.
Webinar highlights include:
  • Logging into the Meraki Dashboard
  • Creating a Meraki Dashboard account
  • Navigating the two primary sections of the dashboard:
    • The menu—includes organizations, networks and installed products
    • Workspace area—includes a client devices section with details such as device description, usage, OS, IP address, policy and MAC address
In the video, partners will also learn to drill down into an organization’s network and monitor traffic analytics, topology, packet capture, event logs, and map and floor plans. Partners will also learn to configure general and administration settings, alerts, group policies, sentry policies, users and devices.
The presenters also highlight one of the most popular dashboard features, licensing and inventory, which gives partners critical metrics about the license status of all devices under contract, including any unused licenses and “soonest expiration dates.”
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