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Is your customer overdue for a firewall refresh?

Cisco Secure Firewall delivers performance, visibility, efficiency and ROI.

December 08, 2022

Is your customer overdue for a firewall refresh?

With distributed data and apps constantly changing and encrypted traffic and hybrid work becoming the new reality, organizations must adopt a security resilience strategy. Security resilience is the ability to protect the integrity of every aspect of the organization to withstand unpredictable threats or changes—and emerge stronger.

In light of these trends, it’s time to rethink firewalling. Your firewall is more than a box. It’s the capabilities and outcomes to protect data and applications and harmonize your customer’s network, workload and application security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Introducing Cisco’s latest Secure Firewall hardware

Earlier this year, we wrote about the new midrange Cisco Security Firewall 3100 Series, which supports more end users than its predecessor (the 2100 Series) with up to 3x performance enhancements via a VPN. The 3100 Series also includes the SNORT 3 multithreaded inspection engine that boosts inspected throughput up to 300%. Plus, the Secure Firewall comes with entitlement for SecureX, Cisco’s open extended detection and response (XDR) solution.

Secure Firewall 3105 joins the 3100 Series family

Recently, Cisco announced the expansion of its Secure Firewall 3100 Series with the Secure Firewall 3105, an ideal offering for branch offices and similar use cases focused on performance at a competitive price point. In addition, Secure Firewall 3105, the recommended upgrade from the FPR 2120, provides clustering and high-port density flexibility, allowing your firewall deployment to grow with your customer’s business.

Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series enterprise firewalls provide an exceptional hybrid work experience by:

  • Empowering hybrid workers—Support up to 20,000 remote users with up to 17x more performance in IPsec VPN
  • Delighting employees—Up to 7x inspected throughput with multithreaded traffic handling technique, delivering secure videoconferencing
  • Protecting customer investments—Clustering and high-port density flexibility allow the firewall to grow with your customer, ensuring a strong return on investment

Accelerate firewall refreshes with a free Cisco-led upgrade

To ensure users are experiencing the comprehensive benefits of Secure Firewall, Cisco is offering customers a free upgrade, for a limited time, to the current recommended release (version 7.0.4).

Your customers can enter the LevelUp+ program (sign-in required) today and receive the following:

  • A free Cisco-led direct upgrade for up to two Firewall Threat Defense (FTD) firewalls plus one Firewall Management Center (FMC), including high availability pairs to the latest suggested release
  • A free Cisco-led bug scrub and health check
  • A customized pre-upgrade checklist and step-by-step upgrade instructions tailored to your environment for peace of mind and maximum preparation

It’s too costly for customers not to refresh their firewalls

Forrester conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) analysis, confirming Cisco SecureX leads to faster investigation and resolution, decreases risk and costs of a data breach and reduces incident response staffing costs.

According to the report, Cisco SecureX helps organizations:

  • Visualize contextualized threat intelligence with 90% less effort per incident
  • Unlock visibility into emerging security threats and trends across their environments and security tooling to reduce the cost of a data breach by 45% to 50%
  • Reduce incident response staffing costs and enable senior analysts to spend their time on other high-value security efforts like threat hunting

Contact the Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center (BTC) to schedule a Secure Firewall 3100 Series demo for you or your customer. Click below to access the latest Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series educational resources.

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