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Ingram Micro and Cisco have the Solution-in-a-Box offering your K–12 customers need

November 06, 2020

Ingram Micro and Cisco have the Solution-in-a-Box offering your K–12 customers need
According to Grand View Research, the global education technology market size was valued at $76.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027. The industry is primarily driven by the proliferation of smart devices and seamless internet connectivity. Additionally, increasing awareness of the advantages of technology integration in the education sector is stimulating market growth. 
The global pandemic has only accelerated the market’s digitization adoption, enabling students and teachers to connect and learn whether they’re in the classroom, home, or on the go.
Solve your K–12 and higher-ed customers’ biggest challenges
As schools try to adapt to the new normal quickly, they’re faced with many technology choices and questions that they need your help addressing. As an IT solution provider, you may also be feeling overwhelmed by these questions and decisions.
For example, if you’re asked to recommend a computer (for students or teachers), it must run the software they will need to continue their education within their budget. Additionally, students and teachers need technology that enables clear audio and visual communication that’s easy to use while adhering to security best practices.
A Solution-in-a-Box explained
As an Ingram Micro partner, don’t forget that we have a $10 million Business Transformation Center (BTC) outfitted with the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies. Not only are these technologies tested and vetted by our team of experts who each have multiple vendor certifications, but our team is also at your service.
Besides being available for demos of dozens of IT solutions, the BTC team also understands the needs of your K–12 and higher-ed customers inside and out, and they have a “Solution in a Box” recommendation for your client’s specific needs. For example, they can tell you why a particular Lenovo laptop (available with or without a cellular modem) paired with a Microsoft Office 365 Education license, Cisco wired headset, Cisco Umbrella license and Cisco AMP for Endpoint license is an excellent student solution you can recommend to your clients.
Our team also recently created a playbook specifically for the K–12 and higher-ed market to make it easier for our partners to match a particular business need with the appropriate Solution-in-a-Box.


Download Playbook

Accelerate your go-to-market abilities
It’s more critical in today’s market than ever to provide customers with a comprehensive solution approach. The Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center showcases a wide array of technology designed to expand and accelerate your go-to-market abilities. This approach delivers effective and profitable solutions that address every client’s business needs.
In addition to the BTC, our multi-vendor Solution-in-a-Box offerings will help you stay abreast of the latest solutions, scale your business and become indispensable to your K–12 and higher-ed customers.
Contact the Cisco technology consultants team in your region for more information:
•  West: john.mcnelly@ingrammicro.com
•  Central: kevin.switzer@ingrammicro.com
•  Great Lakes: robert.young@ingrammicro.com
•  Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: carol.wright@ingrammicro.com
•  Southeast: christopher.heinrich@ingrammicro.com