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HyperFlex: The Cisco Simple way to combine cloud cost benefits and on-prem reliability

July 17, 2018

HyperFlex: The Cisco Simple way to combine cloud cost benefits and on-prem reliability

Traditionally, unwieldy infrastructure management and unpredictable workload performance have impeded these aspirations. As a result, infrastructure and operations teams were stuck in a maintenance-focused model of keeping things working rather than making IT a strategic enabler of business demands. HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) has the potential to change all that.

How HCI is a data center gamechanger

HCI is one of the hottest data center concepts around, enabling organizations to manage resources, control users and deliver rich content in new and more efficient ways. Gartner projects the market for HCI, which started at zero in 2012 will reach $5 billion next year. Last year, market revenue for hyperconverged systems grew 64% over 2016, a testament to the demand for on-premises simplicity and its speed enablement. But, as Gartner notes, simplicity is not enough: “The simplicity of software-defined integration will be more than countered by the complexity of an expanding IT cosmos comprising millions to billions of data points and entry/access gateways in a matrix of connections. However, the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) could balance and reduce this complexity significantly by creating a new paradigm of self-organizing systems.”

Cisco Simple and next generation HCI

Fortunately for Ingram Micro’s Cisco partners, there’s an easier way to perform HCI, starting with an approach Cisco calls Cisco Simple (formerly Simple IT). As its name implies, Cisco Simple comprises a variety of resources to make it easier for partners to work with Cisco and to offer comprehensive, complementary solutions, such as HyperFlex Systems and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager.

Cisco HyperFlex Systems is powered by the next-generation Cisco HX Data Platform, which delivers simplified data and infrastructure management, continuous data optimization, dynamic data distribution and self-healing resiliency. Cisco HyperFlex Systems is designed to support virtualized (VMware vSphere), containerized and bare-metal environments and offers independent scaling (i.e., pay as you grow) of compute, storage performance and storage capacity. Plus, it offers a subscription-based software model and uniform management of computing, networking and storage.

The perfect complement to Cisco HyperFlex Systems is Cisco Workload Optimization Manager, a decision engine that automatically and continuously analyzes and adjusts infrastructure resources to meet dynamic application demand, driving a perpetual state of health in the IT environment. It evaluates the multidimensional resource trade-offs, from the application layer to the infrastructure layer, to deliver workload automation that drives perpetual health across clusters, data centers and clouds. And it prevents the resource contention that causes applications to run slowly and frees IT teams from having to respond to constant “IT fires.” Together, Cisco HyperFlex and Workload Optimization Manager enable partners to deliver predictable application performance while enabling IT agility by automating specific actions:

  • Workload placement (initial and continuous)
  • Workload sizing
  • Workload provisioning
  • Resizing virtual storage
  • Provisioning or suspending virtual storage (e.g., data stores) 

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager can also make recommendations for:

  • Provisioning or suspending HyperFlex compute-only nodes
  • Provisioning or suspending HyperFlex node (physical storage)

The infrastructure becomes as elastic as it is performant, adjusted in real time by intelligent software to meet application demand, enabling IT to focus on service delivery to developers, line-of-business end users and customers.

Join our Cisco and Ingram Micro subject matter experts on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 1 p.m. ET for a one-hour webinar, “Simple IT, Cisco’s Motto,” and learn how Cisco can help your SMB customers with easy implementation of Meraki, HyperFlex, Umbrella and Spark solutions. Declutter your vendor line card and improve your business efficiency by simplifying IT with Cisco.

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