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How the Ingram Micro Partner Go portal takes the friction out of the sales cycle

Ingram Micro Partner Go makes it easier to review order details, create quotes and order directly online.

November 12, 2019

How the Ingram Micro Partner Go portal takes the friction out of the sales cycle
In today’s complex and competitive technology and business climate, a high attention to detail is needed to ensure the accuracy of each customer’s order. With literally thousands of SKUs to choose from, estimating, quoting and ordering can become a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. To help its Cisco partners simplify these processes, Ingram Micro introduced Partner Go. The online portal gives partners instant, anytime visibility into their Cisco direct shipments through Ingram Micro, enabling partners to focus on growing their businesses. The portal saves time by providing information that used to require emails or phone calls. Think of it as a one-stop shop for:
  • Reviewing all order details
  • Creating quotes instantly
  • Ordering directly online
Plus, the portal acts as a searchable database for Cisco orders, allowing partners to search by PO, Ingram Micro order number and Cisco SO (sales order) number. Partners can also set up notifications to see order status changes directly in their inboxes, and drill down into their Cisco transactional history to see services ordered, ship dates, license keys, serial numbers, tracking and contract numbers.
Getting started with Ingram Micro Partner Go
To use Partner Go, log into your usa.ingrammicro.com account. Then click on Partner Go— Cisco from the main menu. This will display a drop-down list of features for easy navigation. You can then go to your dashboard, or go directly to the section you need to view or manage. There’s also a partner resources section, where you can learn more about the benefits of a Cisco partnership. The dashboard will show your five most recent records for orders, estimates, quotes and DART (Diagnostic AnyConnect Reporting Tool). When viewing estimates, make sure to sync to your CCW (Cisco Commerce Workspace) using your CCO (Cisco Connection Online) ID to log into CCW. Once you’re logged in, Ingram Micro Partner Go will remain synced to CCW for the next 30 days without requiring you to log in again. You also have the option to log out of CCW to connect your account to a different CCO ID.
To find out how you can use Ingram Micro Partner Go to create Cisco orders, estimates and quotes, click here.
What’s new in Partner Go?
Ingram Micro recently made several enhancements to the Partner Go portal, including:
  • Expedite Requests—Customers can now submit their expedited requests in the Order Details page in Partner Go.
  • DART/Invoice Details—Customers can now see the DARTs that were used on orders as well as their pricing.
  • DART to Estimate—Customers can now save their DARTs as Estimates.
Beginning November 2019, the following additional updates will be available:
  • Standard price quoting and ordering
  • CCW-R quoting and ordering
  • Downloadable serial number, invoiced order and open order reports
For any Partner Go questions, please contact your Ingram Micro account rep.