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How Ingram Micro won Cisco’s Distributor of the Year award (again!)

January 17, 2023

How Ingram Micro won Cisco’s Distributor of the Year award (again!)

For the second straight year, Ingram Micro won Cisco’s coveted Distributor of the Year award. How did we do it? You could say it’s our best-in-class pre- and post-sales support and excellent tech support we deliver to our partners, or our decades of experience in the channel. But there's more to it than that—we also provide a variety of unique offerings that help our Cisco partners accelerate their business. Which unique offerings, you say? Glad you asked:

  • Cisco Voyage – Complete weekly milestones and training courses and get access to sales tools that will accelerate your sales success. (For questions about Voyage, email collin.rauen@ingrammicro.com)
  • BTC demos – Get live demonstrations from Cisco-certified experts about how hybrid work solutions can meet the needs of your customers’ employees, workspaces and technology stack. (For questions about BTC demos, email btc@ingrammicro.com)
  • Empower EA – Sell Cisco enterprise agreements without a certification, all for a small uplift fee that’s built into each sale—translation: no out-of-pocket expenses. (For questions about Empower EA, email empowerea@ingrammicro.com)
  • Webinars – Bulk up your Cisco knowledge with dedicated sales training content that’s constantly refreshed and refined so it’s hyper-relevant to today’s business challenges. (For questions about webinars, email kevin.lee@ingrammicro.com)
  • Financial solutions - Get access to $100 million in additional credit and longer payment terms with our flexible payment solutions—up to 60 months for select technologies. (For questions about financial solutions, email financialsolutions@ingrammicro.com)
  • CARE - Exclusive to Ingram Micro, the Customer Adoption Renewal Experience (CARE) team was created to help you get the most out of software sales lifecycles and boost customer adoption by delivering tech expertise and sales support. (For questions about CARE, email ciscocx@ingrammicro.com)

Together with Cisco, Ingram Micro is proud to be recognized as a leader in equipping partners with the tools, helpful resources, training opportunities and extensive sales support they need to maximize their Cisco business.