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How Ingram Micro helps you land, adopt, expand and renew with Cisco

February 12, 2019

How Ingram Micro helps you land, adopt, expand and renew with Cisco
As Cisco continues to pivot and become more software- and services-focused (i.e., creating more recurring revenue opportunities for partners), Ingram Micro is here to help our partners pivot, too. Our adoption team, which is spearheaded by Chris Blackwell, senior channel account executive, works hand-in-hand with our Cisco partners to help them understand how they can begin shifting their customer conversations and focusing on business outcome selling. 
In Blackwell’s new role, he’s helping partners develop a practice that fits their business needs by working with them to understand long-term objectives, then aligning proven Cisco practices combining analytics, automation and personalized content to help partners excel in four distinct “motions” of the sales process:
  • Land. The first motion is the initial sale and includes all products and services attached, plus ownership for integrated account management and delivery of business outcomes. “Understanding what problem your customers are trying to solve makes post-sales conversations and follow-ups much easier and more productive,” says Blackwell. “And the customer will find value in the continuous conversation around using what they purchased, understanding all the features and functions, and offering suggestions to improve the solution as their business needs evolve.”
  • Adopt. Educate and enable your customers to realize the value of what they purchased. Help your customers see the value of their purchases and align the business outcomes. “Focusing on life after the sale enables your customers to get the most value out of what they purchased,” says Blackwell. “Often, we find customers struggle with using new technology solutions, or they only turn on features they’re aware of. By providing education, you’ll uncover barriers they’re facing, and you can show them how additional features and functions within the solution can [meet] and even exceed their expectations.”
  • Expand. Through the adoption phase, you’ll be able to identify additional opportunities to expand. As you align the business outcomes, expand will help identify complementary solutions or refresh opportunities. “As your customers’ business needs evolve, it can lead to cross-sell and refresh opportunities,” says Blackwell.
  • Renew. “After following the previous steps, renewal becomes the easy part,” says Blackwell. “A renewal in this motion should be a non-event and will happen much more easily since you’ve embedded the value of your offering into the customers’ environments—they can no longer imagine working without your solution.”  
The Ingram Micro partner success team isn’t restricted to remote training—they’re also available as field-deployable resources. Blackwell and the team are here to help you expand your value while capturing different ways to be profitable through various Cisco rebate programs and creating new “adoption services” through Ingram Micro’s managed services practice.     
For more assistance building your Cisco recurring-revenue business, contact Chris Blackwell at christopher.blackwell@ingrammicro.com.