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How Cisco Simple solves your customers’ flipped learning challenges

January 22, 2019

How Cisco Simple solves your customers’ flipped learning challenges
Many educators agree that the traditional K–12 education model where instructors focus on conveying information, assigning work and leaving it to the students to master the material needs an overhaul. Fortunately, as technology has increasingly grown and infiltrated our classrooms, a new learning model has emerged that moves away from a teacher-centered space and onto a more collaborative, student-centered learning environment, by way of a flipped classroom.
With flipped learning, students learn and discuss course material outside of the classroom (i.e., homework) and then do projects together in the classroom. The goals of this teaching environment are to make learning interactive, dynamic and engaging. To accomplish this, educators need access to several enabling technologies that can help facilitate anytime, anywhere collaboration. That’s where Ingram Micro, Cisco Simple IT and you come in.
Some of the technologies and applications that facilitate a collaborative learning environment for the flipped learning model include:
Interactive whiteboards—With flipped learning, these whiteboards play a key role in giving access to lessons and demonstrations to everyone in the class, whether they’re physically present or not. Additionally, leveraging multimedia presentations addresses the many different ways people learn.
Wireless presentation gateways—It’s important to be able to project or display presentations and course materials to any number of different devices. A presentation gateway gives educators the ability to do so.
Team collaboration/persistent chat apps—Enable real-time teacher-student and student-student Q&A and information sharing. Text chats can easily be switched to voice and/or video if necessary. Additionally, past communications are archived and searchable. In a real-world scenario, a teacher might record a video lecture using an interactive whiteboard for students to watch from home. In class, the students then create presentations in groups that are then shared via social media. When outside of class, groups can chat and collaborate from wherever they are.
A simple solution for educators’ core technology needs
One of the biggest challenges to providing educators with the technology solutions needed to meet the needs described above was procuring and integrating multiple products—often from multiple vendors—which was cost-prohibitive and complex to implement and manage.
Cisco Simple IT solves these challenges by uniting multiple technology needs into a simple, secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that’s easy to manage. Here are just a few examples:
  • Cisco Umbrella—This cloud-delivered network security offering protects users on and off the network, anywhere they go, even when they’re not using a VPN (virtual private network). Plus, there’s no hardware to install, it’s always up-to-date and you can manage all your customers from a single portal.
  • Cisco Meraki—A leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, Cisco Meraki provides switching, routing and security, so partners can deliver highly secure and scalable enterprise networks that enable faster connections and more coverage.
  • Cisco Webex Teams—Available as an app or on a browser, these enterprise-grade collaboration tools enable highly secure internal and external communication. Webex Teams is a fully encrypted pervasive messaging tool that allows users to send and store messages quickly, share and store documents (up to 5 MB), incorporate bots and custom integrations with Cisco’s open APIs and more.
  • Cisco HyperFlex—This system delivers complete hyperconvergence by combining the software-defined networking (SDN) and computing power of Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) with the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform. Plus, it's simple to use. Cisco HyperFlex increases operational efficiency and adaptability for data center workloads.
To learn more about Cisco Simple IT in education, contact Kevin Wills, senior channel account specialist, Cisco public sector at Ingram Micro at kevin.wills@ingrammicro.com.