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How Cisco Business Resiliency Solutions accelerate business transformation

Cisco’s comprehensive solutions empower businesses to collaborate and get work done from anywhere, securely.

November 02, 2020

How Cisco Business Resiliency Solutions accelerate business transformation
As we approach the middle of Q4 during a very unusual and challenging year, there’s lots of talk about “the new normal” and questions about when things will return to the way they were. Cisco and Ingram Micro believe it’s time to look beyond the new normal and embrace the ever-changing reality of our future. Studies show many of your customers are adopting the same philosophy.
According to CFOs surveyed in the June 2020 PwC US CFO Pulse Survey:
  • 54% say their organizations will make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it.
  • 81% are prioritizing changing workplace safety measures and requirements as they transition back to the workplace.
  • 49% expect the technology investments that they make during this time will position them better for the long term.
Cisco business resiliency solution
Help your customers reimagine and redesign their workforces and workplaces to enable adaptable, productive and trusted experiences for their employees and clients.
But how can you ensure remote workers’ credentials aren’t compromised or whether a worker’s laptop has malware? How can you protect remote workers using public Wi-Fi hot spots? The days of forcing everything back behind one security perimeter is long gone. With Cisco Secure Remote Workforce solutions, your customers’ remote work concerns are alleviated. The integrated solution offering includes Cisco Duo to verify user identity and establish device trust. Another component, Cisco AnyConnect, ensures the connection is secure from any device, anywhere at any time. Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP for Endpoints are the first and last line of defense—continually monitoring traffic and managing public access while blocking, detecting and responding to advanced threats.
When it comes to ensuring worker safety and wellness, Cisco Trusted Workplace is the answer. Leverage location data to monitor social density in buildings and respond to incidents with proximity reporting. Use AI automation, displays, sensors and alerts to provide intelligent workplaces that prioritize safety.

Ingram Micro is here to help with your business resiliency needs
The Ingram Micro team is here to help you assess your customers’ needs and determine the specific solutions and services they need to become more resilient in these ever-changing times. We’ll also help you manage the quoting, ordering and contracts—ensuring you and your customers get the most value from your service options.
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