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How Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping partners capitalize on the IoT trend

March 26, 2019

How Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping partners capitalize on the IoT trend
How Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping partners capitalize on the IoT trend
Like the cloud, IoT is quickly becoming a driving force behind companies' digital transformation. Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 65% of enterprises will adopt IoT products. This presents extraordinary profit opportunities for businesses that can harness the right products and scale with the right strategy. It's also an excellent opportunity for IT solution providers.
To help partners capitalize on this trend, Ingram Micro launched Ingram Micro IoT Marketplace. Designed to help partners build their IoT businesses quickly and easily, this self-service platform serves as a one-stop destination. The IoT Marketplace comprises end-to-end IoT solutions across a variety of verticals such as agriculture, building, city, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing/industrial and retail.
Unlock the value of your customers’ IoT data with Cisco Kinetic
The Cisco Kinetic platform is available at Ingram Micro IoT Marketplace. The platform includes an IoT data fabric, which is designed to extract data from connected devices, compute anywhere in a distributed network and move data to the various applications where it can be used to drive meaningful business outcomes.
The three key modules of the Cisco Kinetic platform include:
  1. Gateway Management Module (GMM)—to provision, monitor and manage gateways at scale.
  1. Edge and Fog Processing Module (EFM)—to enable computing on distributed nodes of the network. By pushing select data processes to the edge and fog, users can make fast decisions close to the point of action and reduce data before sending to higher levels in their network. EFM connects and captures usable data from a broad range of devices and sensors, and it performs complex rules on data in motion to intelligently reduce, compress, normalize and transmit data in optimal ways. It enables a new class of IoT applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics that improve overall equipment efficiency. EFM is open and modular, able to incorporate microservices from any third-party vendor and it can be used in both connected environments and industrial environments with no internet connectivity.
  1. Data Control Module (DCM)—to enforce policy and get the right data to the right apps at the right time.
Professional and training services
To help fill any gaps in your IoT offerings, Ingram Micro offers resources to facilitate assessment, design, deployment, management and disposal. And our training courses can help partners become trusted IoT experts to their customers.
Ingram Micro’s cybersecurity team offers a systematic approach to providing cybersecurity services and solutions throughout the entire sales cycle. This includes a cybersecurity practice-building plan, with associated training around compliance, business, operations and marketing—offering insights and information that will help you advise customers with confidence.
Different approaches, one partner
Whether partners choose to source components individually from different vendors or to go the end-to-end solution route—focusing on hardware, software and connectivity from one or two vendors—Ingram Micro can make the IoT sales, procurement and implementation process more manageable.
IoT is not a one-click-and-done sale. It takes planning, execution and ongoing management to maximize the value of IoT. That said, choosing the right go-to-market partner is critical to your success and customer experience. At Ingram Micro, we offer channel partners the expertise, experience and technology packages needed to successfully market, sell and support IoT solutions.
Not only can partners purchase devices, sensors, gateways, middleware, analytics, security and other components, they can also get assistance with IoT design, consultation and installation services. Ingram Micro can train IT partners on essential IoT skills, and we offer a multitude of certifications and training opportunities, including:

IoT University. Take a deep dive into IoT topics like IoT architecture, edge applications, user experience, data capture and analytics, visualization and big data, and DevOps and security. Plus, your team will delve into the technical aspects of IoT projects and gain insight into the business value and user experiences that drive performance.

Certified IoT Practitioner. Through case studies and hands-on assembly of IoT-led solutions, your staff will learn about embedded systems, microcontroller programming, IoT security and the developmental cycle for IoT projects. They'll also learn how to build critical skills for planning, implementing and maintaining an IoT system.
Visit the Ingram Micro IoT training site and get all the details about these certification paths and how they can enable you and your team to maximize value on your IoT projects.