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Here’s a smart way to capture more Cisco EA sales

Empower EA lets you sell Cisco EAs without a certification leveraging Ingram Micro’s expertise.

May 26, 2022

Here’s a smart way to capture more Cisco EA sales
Are you a Cisco partner that needs to close a few more sales to hit your end-of-quarter goals? What if you have a prospect that’s a fit for a Webex software and services EA and a Cisco security EA, but you’re not certified to sell the latter? In the past, you may have had to sell a la carte, which can make the sale cost-prohibitive and harder to manage for the customer; or worse, you left money on the table.
Now, instead of turning away business or selling inferior security solutions, Ingram Micro can give you a more viable option. Through our Empower EA program, you can sell any Cisco EA—even without a certification—for a fee to customers of any size.
“One of our partners recently used Empower EA to fill a gap in their certification and was able to sell two EA’s and expand the deal to a $750,000 opportunity at a 24% cost saving versus selling a la cart,” says Ingram Micro Sr. Vendor Business Manager, Nicole Dziedzic. “Also, since it was a multi-year contract, they leveraged Ingram Micro’s financing, and they used our C.A.R.E team to provide Lifecycle services offering to shorten the time to value and ensure the customer’s business outcomes are realized.”
“With our Lifecycle Services, they no longer have to overburden their resources or skip valuable steps, such as identifying business needs, onboarding and training and ensuring adoption is happening. Partners can leverage Ingram Micro’s expertise to ensure the value is being delivered post sales and in conjunction with the partner’s resources. Customer experience is becoming increasingly important in our industry and Ingram wants to ensure we have services to help our partners deliver this value to their customers.”
For more information about the Empower EA or our C.A.R.E team, contact your Ingram Micro account rep or email empowerea@ingrammicro.com.
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