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Give your customers a modern wireless experience

February 19, 2019

Give your customers a modern wireless experience
According to a 2017 Cisco VNI (visual networking index) Forecast and Methodology study, there will be 4.1 billion global internet users and 26.3 billion networked devices and connections by 2021. Additionally, 80% of all IP traffic will be video and there will be a 6x increase in mobile traffic between 2016 and 2021. The proliferation of wireless IoT (internet of things) devices and IP networks requires channel IT partners to take a new approach to mobility and wireless. Cisco’s Catalyst 9800 wireless controller and Catalyst 9200 switch will play key roles in your customers’ evolving and expanding wireless needs.
How Cisco is linking wired and wireless networks
The Catalyst 9000 switch family was built from the ground up for intent-based networking, and each Catalyst product runs on an open and programmable operating system, IOS-XE, which supports wired and wireless deployments on-premises, in the cloud or embedded virtually. Plus, all Catalyst 9000 products offer support for other offerings such as Cisco’s DNA Center, which controls automation capabilities, assurance settings, fabric provisioning and policy-based segmentation for enterprise networks.
The Catalyst 9200 switches also include security features that protect the integrity of the hardware and software, as well as the data that flows through the switch, by offering  policy-based micro- and macro-segmentation and security features to detect malware on the device.
Together with the Catalyst 9800 wireless controller, Cisco partners can run, manage, automate and secure their customers’ wired and wireless networks more easily.
Prepare your customers for Wi-Fi 6
Wi-Fi technology is poised for a significant upgrade by the end of 2019 once the 802.11 ax standard is finalized. This latest standard, which is sometimes referred to as “high-efficiency wireless,” will be commonly known as Wi-Fi 6. In addition to supporting the 5.0-GHz band like Wi-Fi 5, the new standard will support 2.4-GHz enhancements as well as multiuser MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) upstream and downstream, up to 8x8 (referring to eight transmitting antennas, eight receiving antennas and eight spatial streams). Wi-Fi 6 also supports 1024-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) which enables a 25% data rate increase (throughput) over the previous standard.
Why Catalyst 9800 is superior to converged access
Unlike a converged access network approach, the Catalyst 9800 uses a software-defined access (SDA) approach which requires no complex tunneling. It also enables policy abstraction without a VLAN (virtual local area network) and can stretch a subnet without spanning VLANs. Plus, the network architecture of the Catalyst 9800 supports zero-downtime software upgrades, hot and cold patches, and DNA Center automation and assurance— and it’s fully programmable.
Migrate your AireOS customers easily
Perhaps you already have customers with active Cisco AireOS wireless controllers and DNA licenses. Or, maybe you have customers with perpetual AP licenses. To migrate them to a Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controller, you’ll need to:
  1. Create a Cisco Smart Account by going to software.cisco.com, selecting “Get a Smart Account” and entering your information.
  2. Migrate the same DNA licenses to the Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controller.
  3. For perpetual license customers, you’ll need to purchase DNA licenses for every AP that will connect to the Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers.
For more information, contact Daniel Stewart, Cisco’s senior business transformation engineer at Ingram Micro, at daniel.stewart@ingrammicro.com or (716) 616-4386.