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Don’t let Advanced Certification requirements halt your Cisco sales

February 24, 2021

Don’t let Advanced Certification requirements halt your Cisco sales
Are you interested in selling Cisco Enterprise Agreements (EAs) but not sure how to get started? Or perhaps your company doesn’t meet Cisco’s certification requirements? With Ingram Micro’s new and sole distributor program, Empower EA, you can sell EAs—even without a certification—for a fee.
We’re all familiar with the concept that it costs a lot more (5x more, according to this source) to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. But customers don’t just leave because of subpar service. Sometimes, a partner may lack a certification that disqualifies them from selling certain IT solutions. In other instances, an IT reseller may be able to sell the technology, but it doesn’t have the staff to implement and support it.
As a Cisco partner, you may have certification credentials in one or two architectures. For example, you might be qualified to sell and support Collaboration EAs, but you can’t sell Security EAs. Introducing Ingram Micro’s new program, Empower EA, which helps ensure you never have to turn down a Cisco sales opportunity ever again. When you use Empower EA, you can utilize Ingram Micro’s expertise and knowledge to meet the requirement and say “yes” to more Cisco sales.
How the Empower EA program works
The Cisco Business Unit at Ingram Micro has a dedicated staff of more than 150 associates—including sales and technical support, architectural-focused resources and a dedicated services team. “We’re extending our expertise to our partners in a new and unique way,” says Kristin Travis, senior manager, Vendor Business, Cisco Business Unit. “Obtaining Cisco certifications can put a costly burden on reseller partners to add headcount and devote hours to training and certification testing. For a fraction of that cost, Ingram partners can leverage our expertise.”
Partners have the flexibility to use the Empower EA program while pursuing a certification, or they can use it long term. “The goal of this program is to put our reseller partners in a position where they never have to say ‘no’ to a client,” says Travis.
What if a customer requires implementation and support services?
Ingram Micro also recognizes that selling Cisco hardware, software and services and supporting them are two separate things. “Empower EA solves the first part of the equation, and the Ingram Micro Professional Services Organization can help with the second part—implementation, support and professional services,” says Carol Wright, Cisco technology consultant at Ingram Micro. “Resellers in the Empower EA program also gain access to Ingram Micro’s Solution Design and Services (SD&S) team as well as technical assistance from our Business Technology Center (BTC). Partners can use these various resources to help their customers adopt and use the Cisco solutions, ensuring an excellent CX as clients realize the full value out of their investments, and long-term recurring revenue streams for our partners.”
For more information about the Empower EA program and the Ingram Micro Professional Services Organization, email us at empowerea@ingrammicro.com.