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DNA Spaces for Meraki: an Ingram Micro virtual learning session

June 02, 2021

DNA Spaces for Meraki: an Ingram Micro virtual learning session
Dan Stewart, Business Transformation Center (BTC) engineer at Ingram Micro explains the DNA Spaces for Meraki wireless platform. The one-hour session covers:
  • Cisco Meraki Wireless overview—Meraki MR wireless access points enable next-generation mobility powered for Wi-Fi 6.
  • Cisco Meraki sales motions and promotions—Take a two-part Cisco Meraki solutions certification training from Ingram Micro at a discounted price.
  • Cisco Meraki demo—See Meraki Health innovations in action and how it helps troubleshoot client onboarding and authentication. Also, learn more about Meraki MV physical security cameras and Meraki NOW support.
  • Cisco DNA Spaces overview—DNA Spaces complements the Meraki wireless AP and controller investment, giving admins better visibility into how people and things behave and providing insights through digitization toolkits and DNA Spaces aps.
  • Cisco DNA Spaces motions and promotions—Find out how to get a free 30-day trial of Cisco DNA Spaces.
  • Cisco DNA Spaces demo—See how the Spaces Connector makes it easier to get your wireless network connected to Cisco DNA Spaces (no need to upgrade wireless LAN controllers or reconfigure your wireless network).


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