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Create competitive sales advantages with Ingram Micro XChange

May 30, 2017

Create competitive sales advantages with Ingram Micro XChange

The Ingram Micro XChange Program was created to solve the aforementioned challenge by making it easier and less costly for Cisco partners to replace legacy Cisco and competitor gear with newer Cisco gear. The way the program works is that Cisco partners earn discounts between 8–18% on qualifying Cisco gear.

The program was specifically designed for Cisco routing, switching, wireless and security deals ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per customer (up to $250,000 net total per partner per Cisco fiscal quarter), making it the perfect fit for small to midsize customers.

Partners can see the up-front discount for all qualifying Cisco migration products and services when accessing the Ingram Micro XChange Program application portal. After confirming eligibility, partners can fill out and submit applications via a web-based, easy-to-use tool interface available on the portal. The program tool provides deal application information, deal approval and deal pricing. Incentives are applied on a one-to-one product trade-in basis. All Cisco registered or certified resale channel partners in good standing with Cisco and Ingram Micro are eligible to participate.

The compensation for the trade-in products comes in the form of a discount offered and applied to the new Cisco products ordered from Ingram Micro. More than just saving money, partners save time and hassle, as the streamlined process doesn’t require Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) deal registration, an RMA or a vendor product return. Simply submit deals through the XChange migration tool for approval, and Ingram Micro will provide the approved voucher number that must be submitted with each approved deal.

Partners that have existing deals with the Cisco Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP) should use the Cisco Technology Migration Program (TMP) to add trade-in value to the OIP deal. Cisco’s TMP, or OIP plus TMP, may provide greater discounts compared to Ingram Micro XChange. However, these Cisco programs require Cisco CCW deal registration and Cisco sales approval, and may require product return.

Contact your Ingram Micro Cisco account manager for more information on the program, or the Cisco market development team at (800) 456-8000, ext. 76471, option 1, or via email at mdcisconortheast@ingrammicro.com.