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Cisco UCS X-Series’ critical role in modernizing your data center to support hybrid cloud

October 19, 2021

Cisco UCS X-Series’ critical role in modernizing your data center to support hybrid cloud
For the longest time, cloud and on-prem IT have been viewed as competing strategies. But the rapid digitization of our world has made it clear that the future of technology isn’t cloud vs. on-prem—it’s both. Business apps exist as code, microservices and data across a hybrid cloud environment requiring a shift in how we think about infrastructure and operations. Everything is now hybrid and connected, managed and optimized across a distributed IT landscape.
The data center—simplified and future-ready
Since Cisco first developed the Unified Computing System (UCS) more than a decade ago, simplicity was a top priority. First, it moved management out of servers and into the network. Then, Cisco simplified multiple networks into a single unified fabric. More recently, it replaced network layers with a flat topology wrapped into a single unified system. With the introduction of the Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System on June 2, Cisco took simplicity to the next level:
A cloud-operated infrastructure
On-premises infrastructure requires each application to have unique infrastructure and tool silos. IT staff can’t continue building, deploying and managing infrastructure differently for each new purpose—it’s just not scalable. The UCS X-Series Modular System moves management from the network to the cloud, enabling admins to respond at the speed and scale of their businesses and infrastructures. Admins gain intelligent visualization, optimization and orchestration for all enterprise applications and infrastructure. Automation drives agility and consistency, helping reduce time to market while lowering cost and risk.
An adaptable system designed for modern applications
Today’s cloud-native, hybrid applications are inherently unpredictable. They get deployed and redeployed as part of an iterative DevOps practice. As a result, requirements change often, and solution providers need a system that doesn’t lock them into one set of resources. The UCS X-Series Modular System blends the storage capacity of rack servers with the efficiencies of a modular design to run the majority of workloads in the data center. For hybrid applications and a range of traditional data center applications, you can consolidate onto a single platform that combines the density and efficiency of blade servers with the expandability of rack servers. The result: better performance, automation and efficiency.

Engineered for the future
Embrace emerging technology and reduce risk with a modular system designed to support future generations of processors, storage, nonvolatile memory, accelerators and interconnects. There’s no longer a need to purchase, configure, maintain, power and cool discrete management modules and servers. Instead, it’s as simple as installing a new module. Cisco also engineered the packaging, power and cooling systems to enable larger nodes for more memory and drives, and support for higher power processors and accelerators. Plus, cloud-based management is kept up to date automatically with a constant stream of new capabilities delivered by the Intersight software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

For companies to respond to the demands of the digital age, they must free themselves from the burden of managing massive complexity. They need to position themselves to support the future as well as their current applications. The Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System powered by Intersight enables your customers to embrace an adaptable, future-ready system engineered to simplify IT and adapt to evolving business needs.
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