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Cisco software modifications-simplified

Make change, replacement and renewal modifications in the CCW SaaS portal

September 23, 2022

Cisco software modifications-simplified
Many Cisco software solution providers manage their Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) services via the Cisco Commerce Software Subscriptions and Services (CCW-R) platform, but this isn’t the place for software modifications. To help clear up any confusion, here are some tips to follow:
Modifications should be made via the SaaS portal in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). After logging in, follow these steps:
  1. Under “Subscriptions & Services,” click “Cloud/SaaS Subscriptions”
  2. Search the “Sub ID” and click to view details
  3. From the main summary page of the subscription, click “Modify/Renew Subscription,” located in the top right corner
Next, you can make three modification types:
  • Change: choose when any midterm change is needed for a subscription, such as quantity changes, lines added or removed, a payment term update (annual, monthly or prepaid) or turning on or off auto-renewals
  • Replacement: choose when an offer is being changed, such as a configuration from EOS Spark to Flex
  • Renewal: choose when changes need to be made to the subscription at the time of renewal or auto-renewal is disabled (can be created up to 90 days out from the end of the term date)
Renewal modifications are particularly important to avoid creating a whole new subscription for the end user at the time of renewal and unnecessarily introducing subscription management challenges.
Modification deal IDs will generally auto-approve. However, additional approval by a Cisco AM may be needed for some options, such as term or quantity reductions. In addition, creating a modification doesn’t automatically initiate changes to the subscription—the deal will still need to be submitted for processing.
A final word about Cisco software modification amounts and billing
Modification quotes contain only the cost increase to the subscription, not the remaining total. When modifications are billed, an invoice will generate for the remainder of that billing cycle with the updates and a separate credit memo will be issued for anything that was paid for on the previous invoice but was unused due to the modification.
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