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Cisco refresh incentives for UCS and HyperFlex solutions

May 27, 2020

Cisco refresh incentives for UCS and HyperFlex solutions

Updating your customers’ data center with the latest Cisco UCS (unified computing system) and HyperFlex M5 solutions provides multiple benefits to your customers, including:

  • Better power, cooling and cabling performance
  • More dense software licensees
  • More reliable warranties
  • Easier to manage administrative overhead

By taking advantage of one of these seven incentive programs, Cisco partners can experience additional rewards for selling Cisco UCS and HyperFlex solutions:

  1. Account Breakaway—Rewards partners for acquiring net new customers that haven’t purchased in a specific period.
  2. Competitive—Rewards partners for selling and winning against competitive server/hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) opportunities.
  3. SeedIT—Rewards partners with one-time deep discounts for limited product quantity of limited SKUs for net new customers.
  4. NFR—Not for resale enables partners to purchase discounted hardware and software for internal use such as labs or demos.
  5. OIP and TIP—Opportunity and Teaming Incentive Programs reward partners for hunting for new business (OIP) or teaming with Cisco (TIP) to win business.
  6. MIP—Migration Incentive Program rewards partners for migration of installed Cisco or competitive equipment.
  7. VIP—Value Incentive Program rewards eligible partners for sales of eligible SKUs and is paid as a back-end rebate.