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Cisco Ready: Speed up sales and upsells with actionable key performance indicators

June 27, 2017

Cisco Ready: Speed up sales and upsells with actionable key performance indicators

Cisco Ready for Partners (formerly IBLM for Partners) is Cisco’s answer to partners’ need for better installed base analytics. Cisco Ready for Partners is a web-based business analytics portal that provides a wealth of information, enabling your customers to plan, budget and manage their networks more effectively, while simultaneously reducing the potential for network failure. It also helps create new revenue streams for partners by capturing reliable installed base data and identifying opportunities faster. Through this portal, partners can see several key performance indicators (KPIs) of their covered installed base, such as:

  • Covered installed base by business entity. This pie chart graphic provides a quick comparison of the technologies you’re selling the most (e.g., collaboration) and least (e.g., security) to identify complementary sales and upsell opportunities.
  • Age of network by ship date. This bar graph shows a 10-year snapshot of products sold and shipped per year and includes all covered devices on an active service contract sold by a given partner.
  • Get refreshed opportunity by year and item type. Select a specific technology from a drop-down menu and instantly see a 6-year forecast of specific refresh sales opportunities with your current customer installed base.
  • Get refreshed top 10 installed at customers. Quickly identify your most immediate and promising refresh candidates, including the specific technologies that are nearing or past their last date of support (LDoS).

In addition to the standard KPI views, Cisco Ready for Partners includes filters, which enable partners to create their own customized KPIs. In the Get Refreshed section, for instance, filters can be applied to the customer global ultimate (GU) view, the headquarters (HQ) view or the partner view. Filters are also available in the installed base section for the same three views.

To create a customized KPI, a partner could, for instance, click the “Customer GU View,” then to view or change the filters, click the “+” icon in the filter bar, which expands to reveal 20 specific filters (e.g., installed at zip code, product series). The filters can be used in any combination or left in their default setting.

Cisco Ready for Partners is an invaluable tool to help partners view data on devices nearing or past LDoS. Plus, it gives partners a better understanding of their customers’ networks and makes it easier to plan, budget and manage customers’ networks more effectively.

To learn more about how Cisco Ready for Partners can help your company stay on top of your customers’ digital transformation, view “The IZATION effect: How to create new revenue streams with Cisco Ready for Partners.”