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Manage your computing infrastructure from anywhere with Cisco Intersight

October 26, 2021

Manage your computing infrastructure from anywhere with Cisco Intersight
Applications have undergone a significant evolution over the past several years, enabling new game-changing customer experiences. As a result, today’s infrastructures are much more complex, dynamic and distributed, making it difficult to gain end-to-end visibility to identify and resolve problems. Additionally, there’s a greater need to integrate technology faster to tackle more significant and more complex problems than ever before. Integration is the operative word in technology, and it’s enabled by application program interfaces (APIs), making APIs the new UI.
The birth of Intersight
Nearly five years ago, Cisco created a vision for enabling increased agility for customers, built on three guiding themes:

  1. Management systems shouldn’t need to be managed by the customer.
  2. Similarity in constructs, even across domains, eases adoption. Alignment in API styles, policies and profiles will make it simpler to map constructs across domains. 
  3. Enabling more agility for customers starts with enabling agility for development and deployment teams.
From the beginning, Intersight was created to be SaaS-delivered as the primary option to achieve a shorter time to value. Additionally, it was built on microservices as the foundation for cloud and agile services, making it highly modular and customizable. And finally, Intersight was designed to be consumed with an OpenAPI specification-compliant API across the services provided and enterprise-ready controls.
Going all in with hybrid cloud—Intersight and UCSX-Series
Earlier this year, Cisco introduced UCS X-Series powered by Intersight, a new range of computing platforms for the data center and specifically designed for a hybrid cloud and cloud-managed world. The Cisco Intersight SaaS cloud operations platform delivers infrastructure lifecycle management at a global scale. The Intersight platform offers intelligent visualization, optimization and orchestration for applications and infrastructure across public cloud and on-premises environments. Additionally, Intersight bridges applications with infrastructure, providing correlated visibility and management from bare metal servers and hypervisors to Kubernetes, serverless and application components, helping customers transform with AIOps to assure application performance, reduce cost and mitigate risk.
Flexible deployment options
Cisco Intersight lets users take advantage of new features as they become available from Cisco without the challenges and complexity of maintaining multiple management tools. Most users will enjoy the benefits of SaaS; however, users with data locality or security needs for managing non-SaaS systems can leverage the Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance software on premises to connect their servers through Intersight.com.
Alternately, the Cisco Intersight Private Virtual Appliance provides an easy way for admins to deploy a VMware Open Virtual Appliance (OVA), which can be configured, deployed and run off premises. The Private Virtual Appliance allows users to take advantage of much of the SaaS functionality without connecting to Intersight.com. Both the Intersight Virtual Appliance and Private Virtual Appliance provide benefits over conventional on-premises management tools.
Simplify application resource management with Cisco IWO
Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO) is an optional service that partners can purchase with or without Cisco Intersight. IWO is a real-time decision engine that ensures the health of applications across on-premises and public cloud environments while lowering costs. The intelligent software continuously analyzes workload demand, resource consumption and costs, and policy constraints to determine an optimal balance. In addition, IWO makes recommendations for operators and can trigger workload placement and resource allocation by systems in a data center and the public cloud, fully automating real-time optimization.
The software also can determine when, where and how to move and resize workloads, taking advantage of the elasticity of public cloud resources and ensuring on-premises resources are fully utilized. In addition, by tracking historical data, IWO can effectively model capacity planning and migration scenarios to determine how much infrastructure users will need and when they will need it, reducing risk and ensuring predictable performance and cost.
Monitoring and capacity planning
To support the complex environments created by modern applications and the dramatically increasing number of endpoints, enterprises require analytics integrated tightly with their operations management tools. To enable these analytics capabilities, every Cisco UCS server, Cisco HyperFlex system or Cisco UCS Director instance is configured to automatically connect and transmit to Cisco Intersight certain telemetry information over a secure channel, including server serial numbers and IP addresses, the types of software installed on an endpoint and feature use data. This telemetry information powers the Cisco Intersight recommendation engine, which uses the information to review customer metadata proactively, prevent problems and improve system uptime in the future.
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