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Cisco Cyber Vision: bringing scale and simplicity to IoT security

May 17, 2021

Cisco Cyber Vision: bringing scale and simplicity to IoT security
The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a distant vision of things to come—it’s here, and it’s huge. Worldwide IoT spending surpassed $1 trillion in 2020 and by year’s end there were more than 20 billion IoT devices online. This year, spending on IoT projects is expected to grow by another $100 million, with more than 55% of it spent on software and services.
The biggest factor spurring IoT investment has been cost reduction. According to a study conducted by IoT Analytics, 54% of enterprise IoT projects are driven primarily by the desire to save money. Other factors cited include the desire to increase revenue (35%) and improve security (24%).
IoT security is a big challenge for your customers
One of the most significant obstacles businesses face with IoT deployments is security. Retailers, for example, are a frequent target for cybercriminals thanks to the immense amount of personally identifiable information and financial transaction data they amass. Adding IoT-connected devices and data stores for intelligence analysis in a retail IT environment increases the attack surface exponentially.
When proper security precautions aren’t in place, attacks can occur, even at some of the largest brands in retail, with companies such as Target, Home Depot and TJX suffering massive breaches in recent years.
Manufacturing and other industrial sectors face similar challenges as they connect industrial control systems (ICS) to operational technology (OT) to gain insights into OT performance. But, there’s a problem. Many OT assets weren’t designed with security in mind because they weren’t originally connected to the internet. IoT changes all that.
Cisco Cyber Vision: bringing scale and simplicity to IoT security
Traditional IT security tools don’t fit IoT’s security needs. For example, you can’t just shut down an industrial process to install a patch. Disruption can have a devastating impact on human lives and the environment. To further complicate matters, IoT attacks can be difficult to detect because they are often custom made and look like legitimate process instructions. 
Cisco Cyber Vision is specifically designed for industrial organizations to provide full visibility into the ICS infrastructure, including dynamic asset inventory, real-time monitoring of process data and threat intelligence, so you can build secure infrastructures and enforce security policies for your customers to control risk.
Combining a unique edge-monitoring architecture and deep integration with Cisco’s security portfolio, Cisco Cyber Vision can be easily deployed at scale so you can ensure the continuity, resilience and safety of your customers’ IoT operations. Additional benefits of Cisco Cyber Vision include:
  • Identifies known and emerging threats as well as process anomalies and unknown attacks
  • Fully integrated with the Cisco security portfolio, it extends the IT Security Operations Center (SOC) to the OT domain
  • Leverages a unique edge-computing architecture that enables security monitoring components to run within Cisco’s industrial network equipment
  • No need to source dedicated appliances and build a dedicated out-of-band network
Cisco Cyber Vision integrated with ISE and Stealthwatch
Cisco Cyber Vision shares industrial asset identity with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Stealthwatch, allowing the creation of dynamic security groups based on asset type and role to easily enforce zones and conduits through TrustSec.
Admins can identify industrial assets within Stealthwatch to accelerate incident response and forensic analysis. This integration also allows partners to define IoT-specific security policies more easily.
To learn more about Cisco IoT security and to view IoT solutions, visit Ingram Micro’s IoT website: https://iot.ingrammicro.com/en-us/vendors/cisco.