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Cisco collaboration keeps getting better—see the latest updates here

June 15, 2021

Cisco collaboration keeps getting better—see the latest updates here
Cisco continues to prove why it’s the leader in business collaboration, launching several new collaboration products this year along with critical updates to its Webex suite. Some notable recent examples, include:
  • Customizing the stage in Webex Meetings. For some meetings, only a hand full of speakers do the majority of talking and presenting, so there’s no need to show a thumbnail of everyone on the call. Webex Meetings now allows hosts to drag and drop prominent participants into a “main stage” area and present this customized view to all participants.
  • Real-time translation in Webex Meetings (coming soon to Webex Events). Unlike Webex Assistant, which provides real-time closed captioning in the presenter’s native language, the real-time translation feature converts the closed captioning into the participant’s native language. It can translate English into 110 other languages, including up to 5 different languages per session. Cisco is planning to add additional language translation capabilities later this year.
  • Webex Events has a new look and feel. Webex Events now includes emoji reactions and layout with stage view, and it supports more simultaneous users—up to 10,000 webinar attendees and up to 100,000 webcast attendees.
  • Webex Desk Camera is a perfect fit for home and office. Packed with intelligent features like facial recognition and occupancy metrics, Webex Desk Camera offers several features you can’t get with other USB cameras, such as the ability to mute/unmute your microphone with gestures. Check out Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center (BTC) engineer, Matthew White’s recent video, featuring a Webex Desk Camera unboxing, review and comparison to other brands.
  • Webex Desk Hub—the perfect hoteling companion. This purpose-built device (available soon) will allow users to sync their phones and register their Webex credentials to a shared workspace, so they can place and receive video and audio calls and messages and work from anywhere more easily. After the user walks away from their workspace, the system automatically unregisters their device, and it’s ready for the next authorized user.
  • Ava + Webex = robotics-enabled collaboration. Hospitals and nursing homes are the perfect settings for collaboration, but sometimes patients and residents don’t have computers or aren’t tech savvy enough to initiative sessions. Ava + Webex brings the power of video conferencing to the user via a robotic mobile cart, enabling doctors to remotely move from room to room and interact with patients visually and audibly without having to be physically present.
The Ingram Micro BTC has all of the new Cisco collaboration hardware and Webex software mentioned above (and more) for Ingram Micro partners to demo live (in-person or virtually). Contact us today to learn more, schedule a demo or an in-depth learning session or set up a proof of concept (POC) for your customer.