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Build predictable and renewal revenue streams with Cisco and Ingram Micro

August 13, 2019

Build predictable and renewal revenue streams with Cisco and Ingram Micro
Software and services renewal discussions are a critical customer contact point and provide partners with the opportunity to capitalize on their initial investment in time and effort by getting customers to extend—and ideally upgrade—their service coverage.
By taking advantage of Cisco’s and Ingram Micro’s resources, partners can avoid some of the traps and complexity some IT pros face with renewals.
Boost your sales team’s contract renewal success
Cisco’s research shows that channel partners who lead with software see bigger deals, with 54% of profit coming upfront and the rest from follow-on services. Software also allows easier management of customer accounts and leads to greater renewal opportunities. Software-focused partners also receive more than $6 in services with every $1 in sales. To help partners ramp up their as a service revenue, Cisco and Ingram Micro developed several resources, such as:
Ingram Micro Software Desk. Software subscription pricing can fluctuate monthly depending on changes in customer staffing or different add-ons or complementary services a customer may add or discontinue. These and other challenges that come with transitioning to a recurring-revenue software and annuity business model were driving forces in Ingram Micro’s launch of Software Desk. The Software Desk is Cisco specific and comprises a dedicated, cross-architectural team to support operational and transactional activities for Cisco annuity and software product lines. The Software Desk team manages 500+ Cisco subscriptions per month, and they’re very familiar with best practices related to software quoting, ordering and billing to managing, renewing and upselling.
SuccessHub. This one-stop portal guides registered Cisco partners to establish a best-in-class customer success practice. Featuring a rich and comprehensive library of tools and resources—videos, webinars, white papers, playbooks, best practices and more—partners can learn how to build recurring revenue while creating long-term customer relationships.
Partners can reach the Software Desk team via email at ciscosoftware@ingrammicro.com or by calling (800) 456-8000, ext. 76747.