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Become a Registered Partner to continue buying Cisco solutions

January 19, 2017

Become a Registered Partner to continue buying Cisco solutions

As you may have recently heard, Cisco is making some updates to their Channel Partner Program for their Q3, beginning on 1/25/16.  Moving forward, all resellers must be an approved Cisco Registered Partner in order to purchase Cisco hardware.  This change does not affect Cisco Services. This is a great opportunity for you to jump on board the Cisco Channel and begin to grow your Cisco business!

The Benefits

By partnering with Cisco, not only will you maintain eligibility to purchase authorized Cisco products, but you will have begun the process towards earning greater incentives, rewards and profitability by selling Cisco.  Cisco empowers their partners with numerous programs and resources to help promote the growth and development of their Cisco business. 

 Registered partners gain access to the following tools and programs:

-Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) – comprehensive tool for deal registration, quoting, ordering, product configurations, etc.

-Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) – tool for generating and renewing Cisco Service Contracts

-Partner Education Connection (PEC) – internal database of Cisco product and certification trainings

-Not-for-Resale (NFR) Program –register deals for deeper discounts on internal use gear (demo, lab, training, etc.)

-Technology Migration Program (TMP) – register deals with trade in product for additional discounts on your customers’ new HW deals.  *can be Cisco or competitive gear*

The Process

Registering as a Cisco partner is a free and easy process that can be completed in about fifteen minutes.  You can get started by simply visiting www.cisco.com and clicking register in the top right corner of the page.  The first step is to create a Cisco.com ID for the company admin and then activate it via email.  Once the ID is active, you can navigate to www.cisco.com/go/partnerregistration and login with the new ID.  The site will prompt you for all of the required company information, as well as your Ingram Micro account number.  After submitting, Cisco will review the application and typically approve it within 48 hours.         

 Ingram Micro's Cisco-Dedicated Business Unit

Ingram Micro’s Cisco business unit is dedicated to making it easier and more profitable for you to integrate Cisco hardware and services into your customers’ businesses. We provide the tools while also offering industry-leading support for everything from basic infrastructure projects to complex, advanced configuration services. We have the processes and support in place to onboard, advance and help you grow your business.

Next Steps

Upon completing your registration as a Cisco Partner, the world of Cisco certifications is open to you.  Ingram Micro’s Cisco Partner Stack Team is a group of dedicated Cisco-focused reps available to help determine the best path for your advancement of your company.  Cisco certifications open up additional profitability programs, back-end rebate programs, eligibility to sell restricted product and much more!  Please contact the team today at 1-800-456-8000 ext. 76471 option 1 to learn more!