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Automate software renewals with Cisco Lifecycle Advantage

March 31, 2022

Automate software renewals with Cisco Lifecycle Advantage
In today’s competitive, subscription-based economy, the monetary value of a customer isn’t realized at the initial sale—it’s realized over time. And today’s customers want assurance that they’re gaining the full value out of the solutions they’ve purchased, which requires solution providers to plan their customers’ journeys and actively manage them during engagement. A 2018 "State of the Connected Customer" report from Salesforce Research found that 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Additionally, 57% of survey respondents admitted they had stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience.
Cisco has been adapting to the changing market by focusing on what customers want and making the customer experience a top priority throughout the entire lifecycle. A few years ago, it launched the Lifecycle Advantage program, which combines analytics, automation and personalized content to enable partners to nurture adoption and customer success.
How Lifecycle Advantage works

Using a combination of Cisco and partner data, Lifecycle Advantage automatically sends personalized cobranded messages at key milestones over the life of a customer’s purchase. By contacting customers with relevant information about solutions they own at the appropriate time, they’re more likely to realize the full value out of their investment and become more loyal. Automated notifications include:

  • A second chance at attaching services
  • Onboarding information
  • Adoption of key features they may not be using
  • Recommendations for additional solutions that are relevant to them
  • Reminders of expiring contracts and subscriptions
  • Refresh notifications when products near end of life.
Each message can be configured to communicate the most relevant content to help customers achieve their most important business outcomes. According to Cisco, partners who piloted Lifecycle Advantage reported their customer reach increased five times, click rates increased nine times and renew close rates increased 20%. Moreover, using data, analytics, and forward- and backward-looking metrics, partners can ensure the Cisco products and services they offer deliver the business outcomes customers signed up for.
Cisco Lifecycle Advantage makes it easier for partners to digitally manage customer relationships and develop in-depth customer engagements, maximizing the value customers receive from their solutions and the revenue that partners earn. To sign up for the program, visit Cisco Lifecycle Advantage and a business development manager will contact you.