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Applying the Cisco CX methodology to DNA: a step-by-step guide

October 09, 2020

Applying the Cisco CX methodology to DNA: a step-by-step guide
To stay competitive, companies must innovate—whether it’s with the products they make, the services they deliver, the customers they serve or the employees they need to lead and inspire. The IT network plays a key role in enabling the kind of disruptive change that’s required to meet today’s business demands, and that’s why Cisco created the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) with these principles in mind.
Some of Cisco DNA’s key business benefits are:
  • 85% faster network services provisioning
  • 79% reduction in network installation costs
  • 2x more software value than individual components with license portability
  • 100x faster threat detection
  • 80% more energy savings and reduced maintenance costs
Cisco and Ingram Micro also recognize the excellent opportunities created by as-a-service selling, and we’ve developed a methodology—the Cisco customer experience (CX) lifecycle—which highlights the critical steps and best practices to help our partners succeed with this new sales model. As you’ll see in our step-by-step guide, the CX lifecycle model resembles a racetrack with 15 “pit stops” along the way.
You may already sell Cisco DNA Assurance. By using the CX methodology, you’ll not only put your company in a position to close more deals, but you’ll also help improve your customer retention and upsell opportunities.
Check out our step-by-step guide to selling Cisco DNA solutions and services using the Cisco CX methodology.
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