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An overview of Cisco DNA Center

December 03, 2021

An overview of Cisco DNA Center
Dan Stewart, solutions engineer; Bobby Young, technology consultant; and Chris Meindl, technical account manager, Ingram Micro, explain the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center platform, system and solution, a must-have tool for managing the intent-based network.
With DNA Center, Cisco partners can:
  • Move faster—Provision devices across multiple networks in minutes, not days. Act quickly with centralized management and automate device deployment.
  • Lower costs—Reduce errors with automation. Policy-driven deployment and onboarding deliver better uptime and improved security while reducing time spent managing simple network operations.
  • Reduce risk—Predict problems early. Then, use actionable insights for optimal network performance, devices and applications. Transform your network with cloud services and applications that benefit from this intelligent network optimization.
Cisco DNA Center also supports Cisco Smart Accounts, an online Cisco service that provides simplified, flexible, automated software- and device-license purchasing, deployment and management across your organization. If you already have a Cisco Smart Account, you can use DNA Center to:
  1. Track your license consumption and expiration.
  2. Apply and activate new licenses without intervention.
  3. Promote each device’s license level from Essentials to Advantage (or vice versa) and reboot the device with the newly changed level of feature licensing.
  4. Identify and reapply unused licenses.
  5. Retire unused licenses. You can accomplish this automatically, without leaving DNA Center.
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