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8 ways Cisco Capital Financing can help your business

April 11, 2017

8 ways Cisco Capital Financing can help your business

Cisco Capital Financing’s prime directive is to assist partners in these situations, offering real business solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Cisco Capital specializes in providing financing solutions for Cisco partners and their customers, globally. Following are eight reasons partners and customers should consider a financing solution from Cisco Capital Financing:

  1. Conserve cash: With financing from Cisco Capital, partners’ or customers’ cash isn’t tied up in equipment costs. Instead, cash is freed up for more strategic investments.
  2. Preserve other lines of credit: Using Cisco Capital Financing also frees up partners’ and customers’ lines of credit, leaving more capital available for other business needs.
  3. Total solution financing: With Cisco Capital you can finance up to 100% of your equipment costs in addition to soft costs such as maintenance, software and services. Subject to some limitations, many additional complementary non-Cisco equipment components can be financed as well.
  4. Fixed payments: A fixed monthly or quarterly payment enables partners and customers to predict and manage their budgets over the payment term.
  5. Cash flow management: Pay for equipment as revenue or productivity benefits are generated from the equipment, and not before, allowing you to match inflows to outflows.
  6. Flexibility: Cisco Capital Financing offers a variety of traditional and customized structures to meet a variety of budgets.
  7. Purchase and renewal options: Financing also includes end-of-lease options and ongoing flexibility to return, purchase or upgrade equipment as needed/required.
  8. Deferred payments and other benefits: Payment deferral options and further financing offers and programs are available to ensure that acquiring the technology you need is as straightforward as possible.

From fair market value leases to full payout leases to loans to lifecycle financing, Cisco Capital has a variety of options that can help partners close more deals. While your customers’ businesses continue to transform at an unprecedented rate, Cisco Capital Financing solutions will help you keep pace. Click here to see several customized financing offers to choose from.