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7 Cisco marketing tools and services your organization needs right now

October 31, 2018

7 Cisco marketing tools and services your organization needs right now

Research conducted by Cisco revealed that 51% of B2B buyers relied more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did the previous year. Additionally, 47% of B2B buyers admitted reviewing three to five pieces of content prior to engaging with a salesperson.

Social media marketing is another popular channel where B2B buyers search for product and vendor information (55% of buyers, per Cisco), and studies show B2B influencers do 12 searches prior to visiting a specific brand’s site. The challenge many IT solution providers face, however, is that they’re not professional marketers with PPC or SEO expertise. And hiring a full-time marketing person isn’t always feasible.

Cisco Partner Marketing Central (PMC) is a comprehensive marketing solution for Cisco partners, offering a variety of no- and low-cost marketing content, services and executable programs to help with demand generation, including: 

  1. Customizable marketing campaigns. Browse or search campaigns and use a combination of free platform-based capabilities and paid-for agency executed demand-generation services. Customize campaigns with your brand and messaging. 
  1. Marketing content. View and download messaging guides, videos, third-party white papers, infographics, call scripts, copy blocks, case studies and social media posts. Once downloaded, customize these assets for use in your marketing campaigns.
  1. Automated email workflows. Email journeys are an effective way to build relationships and nurture prospects and customers while keeping your brand top of mind. Partners can personalize cobranded emails, select their contacts and execute multitouch email journeys to engage with customers and generate leads.
  1. Social media syndication. Easily include the latest Cisco solutions and industry news on your social media channels. All content is curated by Cisco and preloaded into PMC, giving each partner control over their content scheduling, copy and calls to action. Take advantage of this service to help optimize your company’s online social presence. 
  1. Content syndication. Content syndication with PMC web plugins makes it easy to include the latest product and solution information on your website. There’s a variety of microsites, showcases and banners you can develop, which give your customers real-time access to the latest Cisco content and offers.
  2. Create-your-own (CYO) emails and web plugins. CYO templates allow partners to construct customized emails, microsites and landing pages in PMC. CYO tactics are prestructured: Just add your images, contact information, logo and messaging.
  3. Shared analytics. A prospect’s marketing journey is often complex, and it’s hard to see their activity and determine their specific interests. PMC’s Shared Analytics records prospects’ pre-sales activity on cisco.com along with activity on your website and engagement with marketing tactics and campaigns activated in PMC. Consequently, your sales team gains actionable insights into your customers’ journeys and can provide more intelligent follow-up engagements.

Explore case studies and learn how other Cisco partners are benefitting from PMC. There are also training resources and marketing tips available. Visit the Cisco PMC training page to find out more.