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7 Cisco and Ingram Micro resources that can help you win more deals faster

June 05, 2018

7 Cisco and Ingram Micro resources that can help you win more deals faster
  1. Cisco Capital Financing is a Cisco subsidiary that enables partners to sell more flexible networking infrastructure software offers. Unlike a bank, Cisco Capital Financing is closely aligned with the Cisco technology teams and has a deeper understanding of the business IT sales pipeline. Consequently, it has low interest and other incentives customized for the channel, such as Open Pay, a more responsive way to acquire Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) solutions and select converged-infrastructure storage solutions to meet both anticipated and unanticipated demand spikes.

From fair market value leases to full payout leases to loans to lifecycle financing, Cisco Capital Financing has a variety of options that can help partners close more deals. Click here to see several customized financing offers to choose from.

  1. SuccessHub. For partners who are new to the recurring-revenue business model, Cisco created SuccessHub, a one-stop portal that guides Cisco partners to establish a best-in-class customer success practice. Featuring a rich and comprehensive library of tools and resources—videos, webinars, white papers, playbooks, best practices and more—so that partners can learn how to build recurring revenue while creating long-term customer relationships.
  1. Cisco Commerce Workspace Renewals (CCW-R) makes it easier for partners to order new and renewal services and software subscriptions and to manage service contracts, and it’s fully integrated with Cisco Commerce. CCW-R allows partners to transact all Cisco product, service and software orders and renewals on one platform with fewer validation and support cases. It also improves scalability to new monetization models and enhances partners’ abilities to focus on selling rather than resolving quoting errors.
  1. Cisco Impact and AutoQuote. Powered by data-driven automation, these tools and others can give partners entirely new capabilities and a leg up for capturing recurring, subscription and deferred revenue—and competing more effectively as market dynamics change.
  1. The CiscoLifecycle Advantage program combines analytics, automation and personalized content to enable partners to nurture adoption and customer success. With Lifecycle Advantage, partners can gain digital capabilities and fuel email campaigns that address every stage of the post-sales journey. Partners can also use data and analytics to simplify software and service renewals and more easily predict and anticipate customers’ needs and address them proactively.
  1. Reseller Services Portal (RSP). Exclusive to Ingram Micro, the RSP is directly related to Cisco Impact and AutoQuote, and it’s the perfect complement to the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage program. This free, online services-contract-management tool uses the information Cisco Impact creates to give partners visibility into their customers’ service lifecycles, simplifying the process of tracking maintenance contracts, warranties and leases (renewals and new quotes) and ensuring partners capture 100% of the contract annuity revenue available.
  1. Cisco Sales incentives. Allowing a potential customer to get hands on equipment—or see a solution running live in their environment—is one of the best ways to win a deal. Why not increase your chances of closing the deal and get rewarded from Ingram Micro and Cisco at the same time? Click here to see the latest Cisco trials, promotions and incentives.

Ingram Micro also offers one-hour, instructor-led virtual training sessions to educate our partners about the latest Cisco products, services and resources. Join us on Tuesday, June 12, at 1 p.m. ET for “Close More Business More Often: Cisco Capital Delivers Innovation Through Flexible Funding Models.” Participants will leave with tools and resources needed to have broader investment discussions to position build outs, facility upgrades and data center platforms that drive customers’ digital transformations.