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4 reasons selling Cisco Smart Net Total Care should be a top priority

Fewer unplanned outages and less unplanned downtime are just two of its benefits.

April 21, 2022

4 reasons selling Cisco Smart Net Total Care should be a top priority
When it comes to network service, what keeps you up at night? For many IT solution providers, the answer comes from one or more of the following questions:
  • Do we have enough information to create a technology lifecycle plan?
  • Are we managing security vulnerabilities?
  • Can we improve our inventory processes?
  • Do our technical teams get the support they need?
  • Are we successfully managing our SLAs?
In today’s subscription-based services economy, having a winning customer success strategy and addressing the concerns listed above are critical. What many IT solution providers find, however, is that providing a consistently good customer experience is a challenge—especially if they don’t have visibility into their customers’ equipment, software licenses or daily user experiences.
To help partners with these initiatives, Cisco created Smart Net Total Care, an industry-leading technical support service that offers the following benefits:
  1. Build a predictable and renewable revenue stream. Keeping customers’ technology up and running and being able to resolve incidents quickly are vital to building a successful recurring revenue business. With Smart Net Total Care, you get 24/365 access to expert technical support delivered by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for product installation, configuration and troubleshooting assistance.
  2. Provide a platform for you to build on the customer relationship. The Smart Net Total Care portal comes with several smart capabilities, such as visibility into your installed base, contract status, uncovered devices, relevant security and product alerts and product end-of-life details. A study of Smart Net Total Care users conducted by IDC found this increased visibility resulted in 84% lower revenue losses.
  3. Strengthen customer loyalty. By ensuring network stability and reducing risk, your customers will gain confidence in the solutions you’re providing them—and in your expertise—making renewals non-events.
  4. Illustrate the value of services to your customers’ business goals. IDC’s Business Value Snapshot survey also revealed a direct correlation between using the Smart Net Total Care service and customers’ improved ability to run and support their networking and IT environments. They were also able to reduce risk (61% fewer unplanned outages) and increase uptime (89% lower unplanned downtime). The result was that staff were able to spend nearly 2.5x more time on innovation. Additionally, the Cisco Smart Net Total Care service boasts an average of 4 months to breakeven, a 253% 3-year ROI and more.
Managing all your renewable opportunities can be challenging. In addition to taking advantage of Smart Net Total Care, sign up for Cisco's Lifecycle Advantage program to help you manage low-value renewals at scale. Reach out to your sales team or Cisco MD team for more information.
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