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3 ways partners can realize the benefits of solution selling without the drawbacks

December 08, 2020

3 ways partners can realize the benefits of solution selling without the drawbacks
Since the pandemic hit earlier this year, the digital transformation trend accelerated 10 years in the blink of an eye, according to the Mercer Global COVID-19 Survey. Almost overnight, companies had to quickly deploy work-from-home strategies and roll out new IT solutions to enable employees to collaborate in new ways.
With this need for new technology solutions comes several new challenges:


  • 61% of IT leaders say projects are increasingly complex
  • 43% of IT time is spent troubleshooting problems
  • $300,000+ is lost, on average, for every hour of network downtime
Today’s IT solution providers are working with more vendors and technologies than ever before. Put together in an ecosystem, multiple technologies can deliver more than the sum of their parts. But when a problem arises with one product, it can affect the performance of others:


  1. Who do you call when a problem comes up?
  2. How can you be sure where the problem is?
  3. Do you have the resources to coordinate multiple vendor product support teams?
Having to identify and resolve issues on your own in a multiproduct ecosystem can squeeze time, resources and budget.
Cisco and Ingram Micro have the resources and offerings partners need to realize the full benefits of solution selling, like:


  • lower support costs
  • higher revenue streams
  • higher levels of automation
  • increased network visibility
  • streamlined management
At the same time, we can help reduce the complexity and frustrations associated with supporting comprehensive solutions. Here are three specific resources and offerings to optimize your solution selling:
  1. Cisco Solution Support. The Cisco Solution Support service offers partners centralized issue management for multivendor solutions. So, if you have an issue with a Cisco product or a solution partner product, just call us and you’ll have access to a team of solution experts who are your primary point of contact. They’re accountable for managing your case from the first call until you’re satisfied the problem is resolved. These solution experts are certified in Cisco products and understand how they work with solution partner products in your environment. A Cisco study of more than 10,000 support cases shows that Cisco Solution Support solves complex issues on average 41% more quickly than product support alone.
  1. Flex 3.0. This is a major update to the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan and offers several immediate benefits to partners and their customers. Whether you’re selling 250+ user customers EAs (Enterprise Agreements) or below 250 users Named User agreements, the new Flex Plan is worth checking out. With Flex 3.0, you can sell a customer Webex, for example, through the cloud and bundle it with a Cisco Business Edition 6000 on-premise calling plan. Plus, when customers migrate from on-prem to the cloud, Flex 3.0 gives them full credit for unused SWSS (Software Support Service) to minimize costs and disruption.
  1. BTC. The Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center (BTC) is another invaluable resource for solution selling. The BTC showcases a wide array of technology designed to expand and accelerate your go-to-market abilities. This approach delivers effective and profitable solutions that address every client’s business needs and allows customers to try technology solutions before making a purchase decision.
The digital transformation trend isn’t slowing down any time soon, which means your customers’ need for comprehensive IT solutions will also continue to grow. By working more closely with Ingram Micro and Cisco, you’ll be able to more easily stay abreast of and deliver the latest solutions, scale your business and become a trusted advisor to your customers.
Contact the Cisco technology consultants team in your region for more information:
•  West: john.mcnelly@ingrammicro.com
•  Central: kevin.switzer@ingrammicro.com
•  Great Lakes: robert.young@ingrammicro.com
•  Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: carol.wright@ingrammicro.com
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