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3 dashboards compared: Cisco Business, Meraki Cloud and DNA Center

December 09, 2021

3 dashboards compared: Cisco Business, Meraki Cloud and DNA Center
Dan Stewart, solutions engineer; Bobby Young, technology consultant; and Chris Meindl, technical account manager, Ingram Micro, compare 3 Cisco management platforms:
  1. Cisco Business dashboard (formerly Cisco Small Business Dashboard)—Ideal for smaller environments, this dashboard is free to download and use for up to 25 managed devices. Partners can use the dashboard to manage network devices, including port management, network configuration, network plug and play and event logs.
  2. Meraki Cloud dashboard—Tied to a subscription-based opportunity, the Meraki Cloud Dashboard requires a license purchase and can be used to manage hundreds of products. You’ll also find more diversity with this dashboard due to the vast Meraki portfolio, which includes firewalls, IP cameras, environmental sensors and more.
  3. DNA Center dashboard—Using an on-premises server, this dashboard manages Cisco wireless Catalyst switches and routers (and legacy Cisco enterprise equipment). The unique functionality built into this dashboard includes real-time wireless mapping, which enables analytics, network insights, network heatmap, peer comparison and network comparison.
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