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Which Meraki licensing model is better for your customer?

March 22, 2022

Which Meraki licensing model is better for your customer?
In the Meraki cloud-based dashboard ecosystem, a 1:1 ratio of hardware and licenses is required and includes:
  • Centralized management and networkwide visibility and control
  • Seamless firmware and security updates
  • Phone support and lifetime warranty
Meraki offers two types of licensing—per-device and co-termination, and it’s not always easy to determine which is better for your customer. In this 20-minute video tutorial, Ingram Micro Solution Sales Specialist Kevin Wills gives an overview of the licensing models, explaining vital points, tips for staying in compliance and various operational benefits such as:
  • Moving licenses between organizations—Organization administrators on multiple organizations can move a license (or licenses and devices together) between organizations without contacting Meraki support
  • 90-day license activation window
  • 1-day licenses
  • Individual device shutdowns—If a license expires on a device, Meraki will only shut down that device or product (after a 30-day grace period)
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