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What’s new: Cisco UCS M6 servers

March 21, 2022

What’s new: Cisco UCS M6 servers
Is your customer’s data center in need of a technology refresh? The new Cisco UCS M6 server might be the perfect solution.
In this webinar, Ingram Micro’s John McNelly gives an overview of the top things to know about Cisco’s UCS M6 servers, such as:
  • All servers feature 3rd Gen Intel Scalable processors with 3200 MHz memory and PCIe 4.0 (Ice Lake) CPUs
  • They offer exceptional performance and expandability with more CPU cores, scalable processors and faster memory
  • Customers can mix the new servers with the previous gen servers using the required UCS management software
During the presentation, partners (sales and sales engineers) will learn how Cisco UCS M6 servers can help modernize and monetize the data center:
  • Cisco’s brand trust helps partners open doors and close deals faster
  • Accelerate profitability with special incentives, rewards, bundles and more on all UCS B200 M6 blade and C220 M6 and C240 M6 rack servers
  • Deliver exceptional performance, help reduce server operating expenses and ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Tap into marketing and sales enablement to build pipelines, accelerate sales cycles and win new customers
  • Build services and recurring revenue with Cisco Intersight’s secure cloud-based UCS management solution
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