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Supercharge your Meraki Dashboard experience with the Meraki Marketplace

March 22, 2022

Supercharge your Meraki Dashboard experience with the Meraki Marketplace
Between 2020 and 2025, the volume of data that can be analyzed will grow by 4.8x and actionable data by 9.6x. Businesses can use this analyzable and actionable data to roll out customized solutions to add value to their organizations.
While the Meraki Dashboard is a powerful tool that gives partners many insights into their Meraki deployments, there is a growing customer demand for more insights. Enter the Meraki Marketplace, an exclusive catalog of applications developed by ecosystem partners, developed on top of the Meraki platform.
Since its inception, the marketplace has grown to feature more than 185+ pre-built apps, built by 90+ ecosystem partners showcasing applications across 40+ business categories.
The Meraki Marketplace was designed to feature applications that are specifically designed for Meraki customers, sales and partners to view, demo and deploy applications that help businesses thrive in today’s environment.
In this 15-minute video tutorial, Ingram Micro business transformation engineer, Dan Stewart, gives an overview of the Meraki Marketplace and shares insights for finding the best custom apps for just about any data analytics need.
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