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Digitize your Meraki environments with Cisco DNA Spaces

March 22, 2022

Digitize your Meraki environments with Cisco DNA Spaces
Digitization has disrupted every industry, empowering companies with behavioral data about people and things to make business decisions, and as a strategic advantage against competitors. However, when it comes to physical spaces, many enterprises still experience data blind spots. Specifically, they have limited visibility into the behavior of people (visitors, guests, employees) and things (sensors, smart devices, assets) and how people and things interact in each space.
What if your Meraki network infrastructure could deliver more than connectivity and eliminate these data blind spots in your physical spaces? By integrating your Meraki wireless equipment and cameras with Cisco DNA Spaces, you can convert blind spots into areas of insight.
In this 90-minute webinar, members of the Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center (BTC) explore Cisco DNA Spaces, a powerful, end-to-end, indoor location services cloud platform that helps customers enable business outcomes at scale by providing wired and wireless customers with rich location-based services, including location analytics, business insights, customer experience management, asset tracking, safety and compliance, IoT fleet management and cloud APIs.
DNA Spaces provides Meraki partners a single point of entry for all location technology and intelligence through a cloud-based dashboard interface.
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