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Cisco Customer Experience

Improve your customers’ success with innovative Cisco solutions and services.

Cisco customer experience and you

Partners used to sell IT hardware to their customers and didn’t have much interaction after the sale and implementation. In today’s world of software, hardware and services, customers want you to be with them through every stage of the customer lifecycle. As an Ingram Micro Cisco partner, you play a critical role in the Cisco customer experience (CX) with Cisco technology. The purpose of Cisco CX is to help you ensure your customers capture the full value in their technology investments and achieve their business outcomes.
Cisco Customer Experience

What's trending with Cisco



Webinars take your business higher

Learn how to identify opportunities in your end-user base and learn how to better position yourself against competition and deliver a better Cisco customer experience (CX). All trainings are offered virtually, and there’s no limit to the number of attendees.

Cisco Services

Ingram Micro and Cisco offer a broad range of resources to help you grow your services business long-term—by building recurring revenue streams and delivering a great Cisco customer experience. Smart capabilities available through Cisco Services SmartNet Total Care can deliver insights to help you prevent network issues, instead of merely responding to them. 

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