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Collaboration done right

We can optimize your customers’ collaboration technologies without making their data vulnerable.

Cisco doesn’t compromise. So you won’t get compromised.

2021 is a brave new world. Workforce mobility is now the norm instead of the exception, which means remote collaboration tools are some of the most in-demand tech solutions across every business sector. And with high demand comes risk: many vendors’ security vulnerabilities were exploited during the recent shift to remote work and saw customers experience data compromises, hacked video conferences, stolen intellectual property and more.

But you can avoid all that with Cisco. If you’re ready to experience a refined collaboration experience that doesn’t compromise—and won’t be compromised—let’s talk. Contact our reps today to get started.

Explore a better collaboration in a team

Work today is more collaborative that ever before. Companies need communication solutions and other business tools that can adapt to these new demands. Cisco collaboration encompasses Webex solutions that are open, feature-rich and can be deployed on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud—making the transition easier for your customers. Check out the video to learn more about this hot trend.

What's trending with Cisco Collaboration



Helping customers through COVID 19

Learn how to identify Cisco technology sales opportunities in your end-user base and how to better position yourself against competitors. All trainings are offered virtually, and there's no limit to the number of Cisco partners who attend.
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Cisco Services

Ingram Micro and Cisco offer a broad range of resources to help you grow your Cisco collaboration services business long-term—and build recurring revenue streams. Smart capabilities available through Cisco Services SmartNet Total Care can deliver insights to help you prevent network issues, instead of merely responding to them. 

Customer Experience

As an Ingram Micro Cisco partner, you play a critical role in the Cisco customer experience (CX) with Cisco technology. The purpose of Cisco CX is to help you ensure your customers capture the full value in their technology investments and achieve their business outcomes.