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Cisco Intersight and the Nexus Dashboard explained

March 22, 2022

Cisco Intersight and the Nexus Dashboard explained
Customers are demanding more infrastructure operations features with greater scale and more span of control. The as-a-service framework of Cisco Intersight provides a platform for meeting these needs. Cisco Intersight is a management-as-a-service offering from Cisco for the data center. Grounded in compute, it’s Cisco’s go-forward platform for infrastructure operations and policy management. Intersight is the front door to monitoring, operating and configuring your UCS and HyperFlex environments.
The Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a unified automation platform that provides unprecedented simplicity by integrating operational services to manage customers’ on-premises, cloud and hybrid data center networks through a single interface. Using the Cisco Nexus Dashboard, IT operations teams can navigate seamlessly all aspects of infrastructure lifecycle tasks from initial configuration and capacity planning to running and troubleshooting the entire IT infrastructure by leveraging Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights (formerly Nexus Insights) and Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator (formerly Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator), Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker (formerly Nexus Data Broker) and third-party applications for your mission-critical multicloud data center environment.
In this video tutorial, engineers from Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center (BTC) give an overview of Cisco’s data center management tools and share best practices for optimizing your data center environment.
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