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Cisco HyperFlex 5.0 overview

March 22, 2022

Cisco HyperFlex 5.0 overview
Today’s technology leaders look for solutions to efficiently and securely support a mix of traditional and cloud-native applications and simplify operations across a complex and distributed multi-domain ecosystem for hybrid work. Over the years, Cisco HyperFlex has proven it’s up for the challenge, winning several accolades from industry media companies and analysts. For example, IDC found that companies using Cisco HyperFlex reported significant results, such as 75% management time savings, 90% unplanned downtime reduction and 50% faster development lifecycles.
Last year, Cisco announced HyperFlex Release 5.0, which brings innovations that enhance the hybrid cloud foundation, with support for the latest generation Intel processors and NVMe storage media, new data services for security and data protection, and increased flexibility with new options for IT to build out clusters.
In this 30-minute webinar, Ingram Micro’s John McNelly and Carol Wright give an overview of the latest HyperFlex release, showing how it simplifies operations by enabling IT generalists to easily manage resources across distributed environments. HyperFlex 5.0 also incorporates a full stack of integrated services that eliminate silos to bridge application and infrastructure, and allows extended teams including application managers, DevOps and business units to work seamlessly.
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